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  1. If you read my thread it's almost an identical tactic they used on me. Soon you'll get the Carter letter saying the WILL take action. I'd be a step ahead rather than ignore them http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?442174-3-mobile-old-quot-debt-quot-and-Bryan-Carter-Solictors-letter***Recalled-and-Resolved***(2-Viewing)-nbsp
  2. Finial Update Sent an Email to 3 over the weekend about the default after having a re think. They rang me this morning to confirm the default will also be removed within 30 days! Thanks all
  3. Default comes off in November so i'm not really fussed now. Vey annoyed I've had my credit rating trashed for the last 5.5 years though for no reason other their incompetence Maybe it's half my fault should have sorted it earlier
  4. Thanks for your email and for confirming the security information I asked for. On checking, I can see that you did indeed report issues with the signal back in June 2009. Our technical team investigated this and tried to contact you a few times, to explain there were coverage problems at your address, which couldn’t be resolved within an suitable timescale. As such, we would’ve been able to close the account without penalty, but because they couldn’t contact you, no action was taken and the account stayed open, with charges continuing. To bring this to a close, I’ve recalled your details from Lowell and cleared the balance in full, so you won’t be contacted again about this closed account. I’m very sorry for the confusion caused, but if you’ve any more questions, please call me at the Executive Office on 0800 358 9042. We’re open from 9am until 6.30pm, Monday to Friday. Or, simply reply to this email. *If you’d like to let us know about your experience dealing with our Executive Office, please complete our short survey at: www.three.co.uk/EOFeedback Thanks Luke McKeown Three Executive Office Well what can I say other thanks to everybody especially fkofilee . I wasn't expecting it to be that easy. I'm still a bit miffed that they say they couldn't contact me (well I didn't have a signal doh!) even though they had my Address and Landline number so that is a bit of a porky pie. Still, I'm pleased it has been sorted out so quickly just a shame I didn't do it earlier. The Default is due off in November so not much point chasing them over that. My Credit profile will be squeaky clean then So thanks again all and I hope other people will find this thread useful ________________________________________________________________________
  5. Thanks for your email Since this email address isn’t registered with us on the account, before I can reply with specifics, I’ll need you to confirm some security details. Please get back to me with the full postal address on the account, your date of birth and phone number. I can then add this email address to the account and respond in full. If you’d prefer to call the Executive Office, our number is 0800 358 9042 and we’re open from 9am until 6.30pm, Monday to Friday. Thanks Luke McKeown Three Executive Office
  6. No worries I will. I'll follow it through until the end like my last problem on here whatever happens. I really hate it when people don't finish threads. People learn, as I have done, from this forum and if it can also help anybody else then great!
  7. Well thank you again everybody for your great advice Had this Email through today so we will see how it goes and I'll post an update tomorrow. Your Personal Case Reference Thank you for your email letting us know about the problem you’ve had. I’ve asked my team to investigate it and have the matter resolved for you. This has been assigned to a member of the team to review the issues you have had and to contact you to seek to resolve the matter no later than 5:30pm tomorrow. If you want to contact us simply reply to this email or you can give my team a call on 0800 358 9042. Our office hours are 9am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday. In the meantime, please be assured that we will be seeking to resolve your issue as a matter of urgency. Regards Steven Cocker Head of Executive Office Operations
  8. If you're not still under contract find another provider which can be a lot cheaper. I hate BT for their late payment charges but others don't charge them so shop around is all I can say
  9. Thank you I have read that post and it's very interesting. here is my email to Three, Dear Sir, I am contacting you regarding an old Three mobile “debt” I have been made aware of by Bryan Carter Solicitors. In 2008/2009 I ordered a Phone from you for my wife which wouldn't work at my home despite my own Phone working perfectly correctly. Over the following months I contacted Three on numerous occasions as why this was happening but they couldn't give me an answer. After around four months Three finally admitted that the reason I couldn't get a signal on the phone is because the network used to piggy back on O2 but that contract had now ended with them. Three agreed to end the contract so I returned the phone in good faith. A few months later my working phone suddenly stopped receiving a signal at my home. I again contacted Three and they told me again the contract with O2 has ended with this phone and I could no longer piggy back on the network. I asked for the contract to be terminated because I needed a phone that would work at home to which they refused to do Until that point I had an excellent relationship with Three and had been with them for many years with a faultless payment record. I felt justified in not paying for a service which I wasn't receiving, through no fault of my own, that was previously working. So now I'm being chased for the sum of £162.61 which I feel I do not owe. I would appreciate your comments on this matter and the possibility of the action being stopped against me _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I've told them how it is and if I don't get any joy I will use the other example thread to send them a much stronger message
  10. " We have been instructed by Fredrickson International on behalf of our client Lowell regarding your 3 mobile account" Eh what? Who? " Should you fail to respond to this letter within 14days a claim WILL be issued against you without further notice " " Non payment of debt following claim MAY result in a CCJ " I will contact 3 mobile but I doubt they will be bothered after all this time as the debt has now been sold. Looks like I might have a fight on my hands
  11. Thanks for your reply. You are also correct that Lowell have bought the debt I'll definitely follow your advice and get it done tonight. I don't understand why they have left it this late to tighten the thumb screws though? Just another few months then it would have been SB, having said that it could still be, because I'm not sure what date the last payment was made on. Worse case scenario I still think I can put up a good case what do you think? I previously have been with 3 mobile for years and never missed a payment
  12. Hi all, Been a part of this excellent forum for a long time and it helped me greatly with an issue I had few years ago. My problem is a letter this morning Bryan Carter Solicitors regarding a debit of £162.61 for an old 3 mobile account The letter states that, “ should I fail to respond to this letter within 14 days a claim will be issued against you”. I'm not sure if this is some kind of bluff or not. This debt has a default against me which was issued on 12/10/09 I do normally pay my debts but on this occasion I feel I don't owe them anything as they breached their contract with me. I had a phone 3 mobile which worked fine at my home, the only network I could get a signal from. I ordered another phone for my wife which just wouldn't work at home. After months of ringing them they finally admitted that their signal was “piggy backing” on the O2 network and that agreement had ended on the new phone sim. I was in the position of having two phones which one had a signal and the other one didn't on identical contracts. They agreed to cancel the contract on my new phone because of this issue and I kept my old phone which still worked. A few months later this phone also stopped working at my home so I rang them again only to be told the O2 “piggy back” agreement has also now ended now on this phone. I demanded the contract was cancelled because they were in breech by taking my mobile signal away from me. they refused to cancel the contract and I refused to pay so here we are today. I know this account is very close to statue barred and during this time I've always refused to knowledge the debt for the reasons above with lowel. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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