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  1. Hello I went to see a used car I found through Auto Trader at a Bristol dealership today. I liked that car and went home and looked up the dealership to check out their credentials. It was Tiley Motors (on the business card), also known as Tiley of Bristol (website). According to Companies House they are "dissolved". How do I check this out for certain? Can I ask them? Who can I call? Is it possible that they are trading illegitimately?
  2. I think something will be done in time; the loopholes will be closed. I received this reply from Brian Dodge at the DVLA regarding their involvement, through my MP recently: "The Government is very much aware of public concern about the enforcement practices adopted by some companies managing private car parks. We are working closely with the parking sector to improve procedures and to encourage compliance with relevant codes of practice." They sent me details of the BPA's code of practice and encouraged me to contact them regarding anything Parking Eye may have done to break the rules. There are plenty of things in there, so I'm going to send the BPA a letter. I just think that if everyone writes to their MP, the DVLA and the BPA it will have a better chance of affecting the laws than just doing POPLA appeals. We want to win the war, not just the battle. People should not have to go to POPLA appeal in the first place. The system does not work because it is being abused, so tell the people who can change the system. Yeah that's an excellent and timely report by John de Wall QC. It will work.
  3. I guess for Council Parking, they take traffic safety into account, parking on a zebra crossing, on a bend etc. But hey most of their tickets are for pretty trivial offenses, they love to rake it in as well. That's why people hate parking tickets so much! Because they are trivial! The 10 minute leeway is a good start.
  4. Yes I think things are moving that way. They have to tackle the council parking laws before the private car parks as they set the standard of law. Private parking companies are copy cats. I read the whole Information Commissioner's Office paper on Date Protection in the use of CCTV. It is a very balanced fair piece of legislation and written by a human being. Parking Eye and the like would fall down on almost every point. Incidentally, I wonder how they have ever been allowed to operate as they do thus far. As POPLA was set up only three years ago to monitor them, if you can win every case on GEOPL then POPLA must already know that they are charging too much to be legal because all of them charge too much. That's the whole point of frightening people to settle out of court. Their terms are unenforceable. I'm no lawyer, but words like "contractual license entrapment" and "use of private information for purposes of harassment and extortion" spring to mind. There must be a legal term for this. They'll be out soon, someone's going to close up the loopholes.
  5. Thanks everyone. I'm new here so don't know what you guys have been doing on this, or if there is a general consensus on tackling the problem. I'd love to hear your ideas, particularly about using social media. I'm thinking of putting together an article for the news papers, and probably will get in touch with my local rag who already wrote a story in January on the exact same car park that got me. A whole family were clobbered for £100 a-piece while eating their Christmas dinner in the pub there. Seems a hot topic in the press at the moment.
  6. Yes, thanks determindator that's what I'm talking about, the RAC have got on the case very recently. Seeing as clamping was banned not long ago, I reckon if enough people go to the higher courts it will get things changed. A relative of mine is a judge and he says winning bigger cases higher up and positive collective action from social media can and does change the law. He's seen it happen. The outcome is likely to be a compromise of some kind, as parking does need regulating. But the loopholes need closing up and sheisters like ParkingEye will cease to exist because they are not doing it for reasons of effective parking management but for making a quick buck. Someone came up with a smart alec idea and is benefiting from abusing the civil law system. I'm up for rallying the troups if anyone's interested.
  7. What a fascinating story, aburobert you have been through a lot. Parking fines must seem a little trivial after what you went through! I have had some good support from my MP, clearing up welfare bureaucracy and looking into Housing issues for me. He is a new kid on the block though and has a very good team (I don't think much of the guy himself). I have since had a second reply (within 24 hours via e-mail) and they say that they are sorry but cannot help me with my claim because they cannot get involved in legal matters, which some of this is. The first response I had was that they actually agreed that they did not think fines on private land it were enforceable (basically backing my argument). But they are not allowed to get involved. It leaves me wondering who is going to hear me then? I just would like my appeal to be heard, and I do not think POPLA or small claims court is going to be much of a victory, even if everyone wins their cases in the whole country. We need big guns. I will think of something.
  8. I recently had an unfairly issued and probably illegal parking ticked from ParkingEye. Has anyone here had any success from writing to their MP? I feel that this is a matter far bigger than the small claims courts. Something needs to happen higher up... I know there are some big cases going through the Court of Appeals at the moment. The collective voice of people on-line ( can see you a positive and highly motivated group!) could make the difference to change the law and stop this abuse of the legal system happening altogether. Has anybody had any success with this so far? I can post a template letter if anyone wants to join in.
  9. Thanks. I intend to go for the GPEL clause. They're not going to send me a landlord contract, that's a clever one but what will it do? Because the contract is between me and the landowner, not me and ParkingEye? I read that ParkingEye pay landowners to manage the car parks and rake in the cash, is that true? Any point me going to Parking Prankster Private Parking Appeals? Are they legitimate?
  10. Hello I parked in a local shopping centre car park and went to the library and shops. The parking was 3 hours for free. I went to leave before this time was up and noticed a new store round the back and went to have a look. The car park seemed to be a separate one so I thought it would be OK and stayed a bit longer. I received a Parking Charge Notice from ParkingEye in the post 2 weeks later saying I had overstayed by 33 minutes and was charged £100 or £60 if paid in 14 days. By the time I received it there were only 7 days left. I sent in an appeal and it was rejected by post which I received yesterday. My appeal was based on the following: (I sent it as the registered keeper and not driver but did not point it out specifically): The car was not improperly parked. I asked for evidence of where the car was between the times mentioned. Inadequate signage. Photos enclosed of the second car park with no signs visible in half of it. Unreasonable and disproportionate terms. £100 is not a realistic prediction of loss. Unethical use of ANPR (an unreasonable and disproportionate response to parking management) as per theInformation Commissioners's Office 2013 Data Protection Code of Practice for CCTV. It's a poor area and the shops there are mostly discount stores.P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; direction: ltr; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); }P.western { font-family: "Liberation Serif","Times New Roman",serif; font-size: 12pt; }P.cjk { font-family: "DejaVu Sans"; font-size: 12pt; }P.ctl { font-family: "Lohit Hindi"; font-size: 12pt;* I am aware of my rights under the Citizen's Harassment Act 1997. Any more letters from them will be kept in evidence of harassment. I also sent evidence of purchase from one of the shops in the the form of a till receipt I sent a copy to the local councils and local MP. The MP said "It is difficult for us to give advice on parking fines, but we do believe that it may not be possible to enforce a parking fine when it is given for a parking infringement on private land. We aren’t totally sure about this so can’t definitely say it is the case, but that does seem to be what the situation is." The response from ParkingEye was: "You have provided evidence of purchase. However, please be adivised that this did not meet the discretionary criteria set by the landowner in this case. We are therefore writing to advise you that your recent appeal has been unsuccessful. This is because you have not provided sufficient evidence to show that you did not break the terms and conditions on the signage." The sent the POPLA form and "as a gesture of good will" have further extended the "discount" period another 14 days, half of which are already up because it was dated last week. What should I send to POPLA? Do I have a chance of winning and not going to court? I am feeling a lot of stress right now but have got this far because this seems really wrong!
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