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  1. I have reset the tablet and it is still roasting in the hand.
  2. Anybody else can possibly help me out how to Approach this?.
  3. Phew! I feel so bad taking thing's back they sometime's look at you like you've done something to it. I've reset the tablet back to it's factory setting's. Because i didn't want the screen to go and then i couldn't reset it. I've been told that it's up to the Managers what they do it is this correct?
  4. I purchased a £400 tablet in November. And it's since developed several faults. They are. Tablet Screen is becoming unresponsive for 20-30 minute's at a time. The tablet is becoming incredibly hot. A system is popping up when the tablet is not in use (I only notice the error when i go to unlock it sometimes) The error is ''Unfortunately the UI has stopped working'' - Causing the tablet to crash. I have the receipt. Can i take this product back to Argos? And if so what can they do for me? As I'm a student this is what i use to make note's and research with whilst in class. So i can't really be without it. I don't want another one as I did some research last night when the screen stopped working , and it seems other people are having the same problems.
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