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  1. And therein lies a problem, when you "quote the law". It make an absurdity of the quote and the law. So the software needs to be refined. But notwithstanding same The words [problem] and cons are used in other threads without censorship. Why is it that there is complete inaction to make a class complaint on behalf of all energy users? I will name 4 companies the 2 German companies Npower and EON , Scottish Power and British Gas who routinely [problem] customers and therein break UK laws. A class complaint would get around Ofgem nonsense about them not dealing with i
  2. Nottslad, I see you are been irrepsonsible again. 3 kw x 1 hr = 3kWH What about 7 kw shower what about 6kw cooker? And yes none of these appliance would generate such a high bill , so the energy company is at fault here, don't you agree? Inspection of Electricity Meters 12.14 Unless the Authority otherwise consents, the licensee must take all reasonable steps to ensure that it inspects, at least once every two years, any Non-HalfHourly Meter in respect of premises at which it has at all times during that period been the Relevant Electricity Supplier. 12.15
  3. 6.33am 11 June 2016. I note the censorship of the words [problem]s and cons and in this case its £270 million worth. When the mods changed my text without first discussing the matter as has happened in the past you have censored quotes of law, which you simply cannot do. But, I am still awaiting the mods getting the links set up to actual law which could avoid this absurdity. But then again I repeat and ask myself is this the "inaction consumer group", abiding and abetting criminals in their day to day activities? Perhaps the mods can explain the ed
  4. Energy companies [problem]s. Its a national scandal. Ofgem failing the customers, as is the DECC. Simply unacceptable.
  5. Malc , the law(s) of the UK are clear SLC 27.17 requires a bill within 6 weeks of termination. So does the Electricity and Gas (internal Markets )regs 2011. There is no opinion that's the law(s). So a customer still awaiting a final bill after two years is indefensible? This could damage there business or be abused by the energy company to suit their own hidden agenda. What is wrong with energy companies complying with UK law? Stevie
  6. Malc, as I posted earlier I am aware of an EON case where the final bill including back billing and or bill reversal has not been presented to the customer in over 24 Months. Indefensible don't you agree? Stevie
  7. Malc, as I post in another thread earlier I know of an EON case where a final bill so I include back billing and bill reversal has still not occurred in 24 months. Now that against SLC 27.17 for a final bill to be sent within 6 weeks. It is just indefensible, don't you agree? Stevie
  8. Took me a while to find it but someone kindly pointed out a typo above . Its should have read 24 months not 24 not weeks, and still no final invoice. So all energy consumers beware of energy companies law breaking. Sorry about that. As I stated previously 2 Years Farce is words designed for Germany energy companies especially EON but that' another thread. Stevie.
  9. Schweppes33 Happy that the advice given on case law , duties and obligations got a conclusion that you were happy with. Always glad to help. I still see the mods on this site have not started links to case law, or legislation governing utilities, that I have placed on this forum. This should have been done years ago. Why is that mods? Stevie
  10. Deer Two points, Did you ever get a final bill within 6 weeks? I know of other German energy companies(EON) that have failed to provide them in 24 weeks which is a breach of UK law. Did you get one? Can you confirm the tariff unit rates you where on for each year i.e. standing charge, day and night? Stevie
  11. Please refer to my comments and observations in Red Stevie
  12. As Bankfodder has said we all know how poor NPower's system is ( I hope he was referring to all energy companies including the big 6 there is no difference between them), and the best course of action is to write and follow this up with a telephone call, attending court with the information if it does get that far.I would never advise any customer to ring any energy companies, unless they are automatically recording the call and such evidence be transcribed on to paper as soon as possible after the conversation and dated and inscribed with the parties names to the call and issues discusse
  13. Nottslad, I dis agree, there is no obligation in law to undertake a pre disconnection visit by an energy company. That is just a [edited] to [problem] customers, time and time again. I would refer the OP to Deer thread with npower and the stuff on British Gas posted recently. Write , saying you have a dispute. No warrant can then be applied for against you. If npower do get a dodgy one , just throw them out of your home and refer to your letter of dispute. If they notify you of a court hearing prepare your defence and seek costs for loss and expense and har
  14. Andy, I gave the EON rep every opportunity to come clean and help the OP. Would you in the alternative like to tell the OP what SLC 25C.4 places on energy companies by way of obligations and duty, that malc would not? The only people hijacking these threads are the so called energy company Reps and Trolls bought by the energy companies, that mislead the OP contrary to the energy companies obligations in law. This is the Consumer Action group. not free publicity for energy companies. It only fair to set out the compensation claims, the standard licence condit
  15. Deer, Can I cover your most recent post first about contract and then refer above to the blue text above. You must certainly had a contract. From what you say it was oral(phone) ,by action and by use of their product( consumption of electricity) and I assume but you can correct me, by some on account payment made by you( called the consideration, i.e. money).( Law requires Offer, acceptance and consideration, and usage of the product, all legal terms you would have to plead in your defence / claim against them). The fact npower did not issue you with a written contract matters
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