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  1. Okay, so I should just send that letter and then ignore them ?
  2. Yeah but he only says that should, but with a company like rlp it would surprise me if the broke the data protection act
  3. But is their a way to stop them send a letter to my parents ? That's what I'm worried about and it's the only reason I'm considering paying
  4. but the shop could because the security guard said they couldn't resell the product as the plastic casing it was broken, so I would rather just get it over and done with
  5. Of course not and I know where you are coming from but if it means no one else is going to find out I will
  6. I don't want to pay it but I will just to make sure my family don't find out
  7. But if I just pay it, it will deffinatly just go away ?
  8. And you're sure this means they cannot contact my parents ?
  9. I shoplifted from tk-maxx , the police were not involved , I did not sign anything , all that happened was they took back the product , took my name, address and D.O.B, I have seen your advice to other people telling them not to pay as the company got the goods back so nothing was lost on their part, however the security guard told me that they would not be able to resell the product because the plastic case it was in was broken, should I pay the rlp because the company can't resell it or what ? The product was only £5 and
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