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  1. The council have said that apparently this is the 5th bailiff company they've given the job to, and that if this bailiff company failed to collect, then they'd just move onto the next rather than deal with me themselves.
  2. The issue she had was they were erratic with taking payments, and started threatening her with non payment after a direct debit was returned unpaid. This was down to them copying the bank details from the paperwork to their system incorrectly. When she then asked them to re-set up the direct debit, they did so too late for the second month's payment, but didn't inform her of this, and started harassing her again re: payment. She was on holiday and came home to about 3 letters and a load of voicemails. She didn't get so much as an apology, and so said she wanted to sp
  3. Hi, hoping for some advice please. My next door neighbour has one item with dial a TV. She had some issues with them and stopped paying and said she would resume payments when a manager called and sorted out the issue as she was fed up of being passed from pillar to post. I know she's had the items for less than a year as she went with them shortly after I went with BAYV, and I've only been with them for 11 months, so she won't have paid 1/3. She also isn't sure if it's a rental or HP agreement she has as she hasn't got a record of her paperwork (I've advised her to as
  4. Thank you for all the advice. I have again tried to speak to Rundles who are just saying 6 months to clear or nothing. This also includes their extortionate fees on top, like fees for hand posting a letter when Royal Mail would suffice (as they didn't knock the door or anything, just posted a letter) I'm going to try writing directly to the council saying I won't let the bailiffs in and will also be making a complaint about Rundles' threats to remove my property whilst I'm not home.
  5. That came from Rundles who said they would need to see what valuables we have before coming to any agreements. I have today offered to pay them £10 per fortnight (as that is all that circumstances will allow at the moment). They have refused and will continue to refuse anything other than £250 per month (total owed is £1,333.69) Instead they have threatened to take our vehicle. This is a vehicle worth £160 and used for business purposes. What can I do?
  6. Hi, Apologies, I had trouble locating my post again. I have spoken to the council involved who have frozen bailiff action and sent me a copy of the liability order. I received no contact from the council or the bailiffs whilst at the property, and all council tax letter were sent to my landlord, so we're forwarded to him. The council have admitted they didn't attempt to contact me at all with regards to council tax until after I had left the property. I offered to come to a payment arrangement with the council but they refused and insist I must go through Rundles, but
  7. Hi all. 3 weeks ago Rundles sent me a "notice of enforcement". They said I owed council tax from 2010/11. We had been under the impression our landlord was paying it, which was incorrect. I cannot find a copy of my tenancy from this date to prove this, however, so accept I must pay it. However, this is the first contact I have had in 5 years. Rundles refuse to provide me with a copy of the liability order or any relevant documents showing what we owe etc. Rather than provide a copy they have just proceeded to threaten a removal of goods , "with or without" us pres
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