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  1. Thanks for the reply, So my best recourse is just to repeat this process with Bryan Carter and make sure I prepare a defence? The letter certainly says they have been instructed to and plan to make a claim and take it to court (though, of course, I have no idea how true that is). I'll type the body of the letter below... We have been instructed by Fredrickson International Limited on behalf of our client, Lowell Financial Limited regarding your O2 (UK) Ltd account, to commence Legal action and issue a claim against you in the county Court in respect of this debt. Should you fail
  2. Hi All, I hope I have found myself in the right sub forum! I've leafed through pages and pages of helpful posts from you guys regarding Bryan Carter and similar situations to mine and I've been taken aback by how helpful people have been on this site with people's problems. I was, however, still unsure how to proceed with an issue of my own i'm facing and was hoping to ask for advice.... To start with I'll lay out the groundwork I had a contract with O2 some years back now (2011?) that originally started in 2009 or so, towards the end of this contract with maybe 3 mo
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