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  1. The appeal sent was worded as above. I have not disclosed myself as the driver at any point. I understood there was no keeper liability in Scotland and no POFA 2012, I was not aware POPLA was was under the same category. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me in this matter. Again, I apologise for rushing ahead and sending the appeal. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I will heed your advice and Ignore "Rentathreat" as Ericsbrother has so kindly put it. Thanks Chris
  2. Thank you everyone. Unfortunately my appeal was rejected on the basis I did not appeal with in 28 days of issue. This is the email I received: Thank you for your recent communication. As per the British Parking Association code of practice (paragraph 22.7), all appeals must be submitted to us within 28 days of the initial Parking Charge Notice (PCN) being issued. Due to the length of time your PCN has been open, we have now referred this to a debt recovery company (Debt Recovery Plus) who are handling the matter on our behalf. Please contact them directly if you wish
  3. Thank you BazzaS. I didn't realise "Schedule 4 part9...." was in the POFA 2012. I will read up on this now. Thank you for your time and knowledge. Chris
  4. It wasn't via letter. It was via the online appeal system Smart Parking have in place. I posted here and on Pepipoo. Yes, I am the registered keeper in Scotland. I apologize, I thought I mentioned that in my post. I must have deleted that section. Their advise was similar to above, with the exception that they had that piece of information (my fault). They advised me to send the appeal template as DRP would be unable to action anything. Chris
  5. Thanks BazzaS. What section or POFA 2012 are you referring to? I would like to read up on this myself I have already sent the above letter as my appeal. If they reject this I will do as advised Dublindel. Surely they can only claim losses if that was the only parking space left in the carpark? (It was not disabled/parent+child space) As for the ANPR logs, they have attached a photo of my car to the claim. This this point would be irrelevant in that case? I don't mean to pick holes, I'm just trying to understand this myself. What would the servicing and maintenance records achie
  6. For reference, this was the email/letter I referred to in my original post by havinastella. I refer to your invoice dated the xxxxxx In response, I would ask you to note the following. The registered keeper/owner of a vehicle is under no obligation whatsoever to provide details of the driver or any other information to a commercial company of no legal status of any description. (Scottish Jurisdiction). In addition, liability for payment could only be determined by a Sherriff under Scottish Civil Law and such demands should not be confused in any way with Penalty Charge Notice
  7. And yes, sorry. I am the registered keeper.
  8. As I said, I dont have the original letter. Issue date on reference is 27/11/2014, im assuming this the invoice date. Chris
  9. Yes, this was captured on camera. And to my knowledge, 2. Chris
  10. Hi everyone, On 15/11/2014, I over stayed the set 3 hours set out by Smart Park. Although to my knowledge there is no signage indicating a min/max duration of stay at the car park entrance. Although I may have missed it as it was dark. I have stupidly taken advice from elsewhere and have binned the letter. Yes, I still have the Charge notice reference. I have now received a letter from DRP (Debt Recovery Plus Ltd), with a total demand of £120 or court action. I am now concerned how I stand regarding this matter. Can I still appeal to Smart Park even though this matter has been
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