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  1. I'll be seeking legal advice once it's completely closed. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks to everyone for the help.
  2. They said they'll contact the court and set the ccj aside. I'll chase the court up to make sure that's the case when I receive their letter. After its all closed then I'll seek compensation.
  3. Ind ltd phoned today and apologised. Said it was a mis trace. A few days worth of needless stress pleading my innocence.
  4. I will definitely be seeking compensation. Talking to IND is like slamming your head into a wall. I've established this isn't me. Told them the addresses and even credit card numbers are different. Hoping they'll see its a mistrace.
  5. Yeah I'll do that tomorrow. Just got an email from IND. Said they are waiting on info from Lloyds and whoever matched me to this card.
  6. If anyone is following this here is the next update. I attended my bank today. Have a statement stating I do not owe anything. Also stating they have never sold any debt etc to IND ltd. The credit card number IND are pursuing doesn't match the card I had and paid off in 2011. Despite all of this IND still say they are looking in to it. The only thing me and this credit card bill dodger share are our names. IND are incompetent beyond belief. The investigators they use make Laurel and Hardy look professional.
  7. I phoned the court and they explained that it was for a credit card bill with Lloyds. I bank with Lloyds so was a bit shocked but relieved as I know I don't owe them anything. Lloyds confirmed that I have no outstanding debt with them and the only credit card I had was paid off in full in 2013. I have been with lloyds for nearly 20 years. I was advised by my bank to contact IND ltd the creditor. The woman asked for my name etc and then asked for my previous address. I asked he what she thought it was. She gave me an address I have never l
  8. Thanks for your help guys. I have just completed a full check online on the trust online site. Nothing registered against me at all. I'll phone the court at 0900 and double check. If this comes back as bogus I'll report this to Kent police and state it is attempting to gain money through deception. All under the fraud act now. The thing that infuriates me is that the APS delivery guy was asking my neighbour about my father. He passed away four years ago debt free so to say I am bugged is an understatement. Just one of IND
  9. There isn't any numbers. A contact number for medway court. The creditors address is ind ltd in Peterborough. A PO box number. I can't sleep I'm so bloody worried. I'll call the courts tomorrow. It says a judgement order given in 2012 states I owe over 4k. I've never received any letters etc stating I owe money. I've always paid my loans and bills on time. Never missed payments. It's an N39. First letter I've received so I'm very confused and worried.
  10. I signed for a letter tonight. Delivered by a polite guy. I was out when he knocked. He knocked on my neighbours door. I am friends with my neighbour. He called me and explained that the man wouldn't let him sign for the letter. I wasn't far away so I came home and signed for the letter. It is a county court order stating I owe £4060.13 to Ind ltd. This is in reference to an order issued in 2012. I have absolutely no knowledge of this debt. I recently bought a house so went through numerous credit checks. All showed nothing.
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