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  1. Its the valid tax credits i dont have as i didnt realise until today that i wasnt entitled too it. I thought it just carried on
  2. One of our checks showed that you received a prescription free of charge during november 2014, because you declared you did not have to pay for the following reason: you were entitled to or named on a valid nhs tax exemption certificate. As we could not find evidence of this you now need to take action
  3. They have sent it stating i was never entitled to receive tax credit free prescriptions although i received a card when i first went on tax credits i didnt know i should receive a new one each year, so thats making it look like ive got free prescriptions for approx 12 years and i shouldnt of. I got the pre payment 12mth one this january when i started work.
  4. Surely they would charge me for every prescription in november plus december? And what about the previous years? Im do sorry to bombard you all, im just so scared, worried and dont know what to do
  5. No ive definitely ticked the correct box since getting my prepayment in january
  6. I ticked box m up until i paid for the pre payment this january as i thought i was entitled to it. I cant understand why if i wasnt that i have received the letter for only 1 prescription from november
  7. can i ask did you receive just the 1 letter or 2 seperate letters?
  8. for the past 13 years i have been on tax credits and when i first started on tax credits i received a card stating i didnt have to pay for prescriptions. i started work in january this year so i paid for a pre payment certificate as i believed i would no longer be entitled to free prescriptions. today i have received a penalty charge notice for the amount of £8.05 plus a penalty charge of £40.25 for a prescription i received in november 2014? it states i was not entitled to a tax credit exemption... after going on the tax credits website today it states i should of received another card every
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