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  1. in my opinion is should be their job to stop that by giving so called 'electronic' wallets which are nominal and which you and other smart guys like you might use for years, instead of throwing away your paper plus plastic cover each time you leave the bus
  2. i don t mind buying the ticket in fact that's exactly what i did, but i don t think its fair to pay twice for the same travel if you can prove that you have a weekly ticket why paying twice? i also don t mind forgetting about this, but stagecoachbus service is pretty bad so i don t feel like paying extra for something that doesn't worth it so, lets put aside the gibber jabber and show me a link to an ombudman if you now something thanks
  3. Hi there, I have the following situation with stagecoachbus (SCB): I m generally using a weekly ticket, last week on Tuesday I let it at home, i had to buy two tickets to get to work and back home. Because the weekly ticket covers the whole week, i needed to know how i could get money back for the Tuesday two tickets. i emailed the inquiry to SCB and they replayed that "None of our passes for 28 days and below are refundable and any passes which are refunded are subject to an £10 administration charge. We have such policies due to the knock on
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