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  1. I'm more concerned tht you sold a living creature on Gumtree!!! You had no idea where it was going or what kind of home it would have had. Why not forgo any cash and hand it to a shelter where a proper, caring home could have been found for it?
  2. So much negativity re TalkTalk I thought I'd share a positive issue instead, I'll keep it short. About two months ago I requested termination of my phone/broadband service due to my house being sold and the purchaser did not want to take over the service. This being done by phone to a free number. The advisor informed me that I would have a £130 termination fee due to the contract being ended early. I argued the toss that I had been with TalkTalk for approx 6 years and surely I was out of contract? I was advised that because I had upgraded to fibre this started a new contract. Again I argued that nobody told me this was the case and that I thought this was totally unfair. After being transferred to a 'Manager' I was told that I would not be liable for early redemption fee as I had been a good customer. This was confirmed by post a week later. Luckily all this was done just before the latest 'hack' Maybe I was just lucky but to be fair the Call Centre staff were actually ok. No, I don't work for them Just a bit of good news for a change on a miserable dank morning.
  3. Thanks anyway, you've all helped confirm my findings.
  4. I paid by debit card and although my case is outside the period in which I could have claimed 'Chargeback' may help others (I can't add the link at the moment but just Google Chargeback Claims: How to Get Your Money Back
  5. Way I see it is they may have been using a website for what basically boils down to 'fraud' surely that's worth a takedown notice of their site from the webhost?
  6. Thanks guys, all this I found online which is why I know they deliberately liquidated the Woods online shop and re branded. When Woods went they retained the mailing list but deleted the customer accounts. My own loss is only £30 so not worth any legal intervention but, as their core clientele were elderly I'd guess there's a few customers with big losses. This kind of trading needs to be stopped or at the very least, reported to the relevant authority. Question is WHO would that authority be? BTW I've been a lurker for a while and have found your website full of info, thanx for all yr hard work:-)
  7. Thanks for quick replies. I have actually seen the newspaper article linked above. I contacted the 'new' owners Retro and Lace Ltd and they replied with the following : Reviews online show more complaints, I cn't post the link as I don't have enough posts but here's a few comments
  8. Hi all, I ordered goods online last August from the above. Payment was taken but no goods have arrived 6 months later. The online business has gone into liquidation and now redirects to a different site (Classic Intimates.co.uk) What I want to know firstly is this. Is it legal to liquidate one online store without fulfilling orders and then 're-surface' under a different name? From a search on the net it appears that the same directors are involved and there are several other websites operating under the same 'umbrella' It would appear there are quite a few angry customers out there without goods or refunds. Thanks in advance
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