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  1. I didn't suggest I was capable of working. I simply said if my doctor didn't agree with me.
  2. My next appointment is 25th August at 7pm. I am considering discharging myself from the psychologist as Im coping with my anxiety much better, this has been on my note for the pst three months. I was given a two month note by a different doctor last time. I do still have other problems which hinder me working. I did put basically all of them on my ESA50 form just after claiming. One of those other problems will have to go on note if I don't rebook the psychologist. Shall I just book the psychologist again and get a note for my anxiety again. I don't want to be refused a fit note as it would m
  3. With what the government has just announced unless your sure your go in the support group because then you get a top up every week. Not really a incentive on wrag anymore now than you won't have to apply for jobs as compared to JSA. The backlog of assessments must be pretty bad because I've been waiting since 4/2/2015 and my mom since middle of January in 2014.
  4. I have just received a text off the DWP saying they have received my fit note. Your payment will be paid to your account on your pay day. Your next Fit Note is due on (02/09/2015). Which covers the next payday after the sick note is due up on the 23rd August. I shall book myself in the Doctors During the week of the 24th August. No worries now.
  5. I got on quite well. They gave me a note for two months but it said I maybe fit for work with all the boxes ticked or crossed because it was printed except for altered hours following support. I was worried whether this would be accepted until I found this online: Your patient may ask you for a fit note to support their claim to ESA, or if they wish to claim ESA while they appeal DWP’s decision - see guidance on completing fit notes at www.dwp.gov.uk/fitnote. DWP will normally accept fit notes stating both ‘not fit’ and ‘may be fit’ for these purposes. If your patient’s appeal is unsuccessful,
  6. I'm dreading the appointment tomorrow. Just hope it goes well enough and get another fit note. I'm not work ready yet. I also suffer constant back pain, and shortness of breath after limited exercise especially stairs. Have quite severe sleep apnoea and get regular dizzy spells. I have high blood pressure. Most of this is probably down to me being overweight. I am losing weight, lost 39lb in 22 weeks but have still got alot more to go.
  7. I might write a few things down to sat so that I can remember everything and refer to it.
  8. I have been claiming ESA since the start of February. My next fit note is due up on Friday 26th June. I have a appointment with a different Doctor from the usual one I see on a monthly basis. My appointment is on Tuesday. As the Doctor I usually see is on holiday. I usually get a fit note that covers me for a month. I have severe anxiety problems that are hard for me to control and make everyday hard to deal with different situations. I am awaiting a call from a psychologist for help with this. I don't appear to be getting any better. I'm so nervous and highly anxious about seeing the doctor a
  9. I have booked my next appointment for the 14th April. My problem is whether I see the doctor, I tend to get quite anxious and nervous. Don't feel relaxed and able to tell the doctor truly how I'm feeling or what I may be ill with. Therefore he probably struggles to give a proper diagnosis. The last time I went he said I will give you another month and then we will look at getting you available for work then. I'm not sure whether I will feel ready then. I need to express these feelings to him but struggle to express how I truly feel so he can give me a proper diagnosis. Anybody got any advice w
  10. Got my next appointment for the 14th April. I may book one earlier and cancel. I now Have the power to decide depending on my future health.
  11. I will do the only thing is a payday falls on the 14th which probably be ok for this month but subsequent months may suffer. Unless I just go by every time I get issued a note from the doctor.
  12. All went well and doctor gave me another note to cover me till the 13th April. I shall book another appointment on this date tomorrow so that can be reassessed then and see how I am progressing.
  13. I'm sure you can put in for a loan off dwp for help which you pay back through your wages. Ask at job centre or when you call to sign off. Explain you have got to wait x weeks till first pay got bills to pay etc
  14. Think at my surgery depends on what's wrong with you. I know you have to see particular doctor or it has be checked with him. before note can be issued. You can request one but he may request to see you.
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