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  1. ah right ok.... in my stupidity I did not submit a defence as I did not realise I had to, now I feel silly! Is there any way I can counter the judgment now as I have still not received a copy of the original agreement? If not I will have to see if I can pay this off within one month of the judgment or be stuck with a CCJ for 6 years
  2. Hi all Refernce the claim I originally started this thread for, I ackonwleged the claim and got the 14 day extension. This gave me time to post of a CCA request, which I did, and I kept the receipt as proof of delivery. I sent the CCA request to the claimant on the court claimform. However, I have still received a judgment against me and I have not yet received any loan agreements from the claimant. I have phoned the original debt collector, they have not received any request for the credit agreement from the claimant! WHAT A SUPRISE! What is my next step now? I now have a judg
  3. I will let you know tomorrow when I have the paperwork infront of me, I can't remember exact dates and names of latest DCA. Not that I do not appreciate your help, I assure you I do, but what are you going to suggest?
  4. I ceased making payments 3 months ago now, however I wil be in the position to start making payments again next month.
  5. Yes I wil do, and I have 5. One of them is for a small amount and has not yet been defaulted, so it's worth while trying to get that one paid off. Apart from submitting a CCA request is there anything else I can do to check if the debts enforcable, or if there are any reclaimables?
  6. You mean not even affordable payments through a DMP? I suppose nothing changes up until the point when they claim through the courts.
  7. sorry SabreSheep, we posted at the same time! Agreed, OK, well I will do the CCA request anyway. If they can provide it, should I contact the claiment or the solicitors via Stepchange to get the debt put on a DMP?
  8. ok after actually doing some research myself, I can see that this is a reconstituted agreement, in other words an agreement cobbled together from bits of information they hold on me. If under my CCA reuqest they are unable to provide an original signed copy of the agreement, are they still able to take me through the court process?
  9. Whats a recon agreement? Is this becase its post 2007?
  10. Sorry to bring about my thread again however I just need to clarify one more thing. In the eyes of creditors is a partially settled default much worse than a fully settled default? If I still have other defaults, I suppose it makes no real difference in the grand scheme of things!
  11. interestingly, HOIST do appear on my credit report, however as "bank" and not loan.....
  12. SabreSheep thank you for your reply, just to let you know I did already have a DMP with StepChange which I will be starting up again next month. Back to the claim, questions and answers below: Name of the Claimant ? HOIST PORTFOLIO HOLDING 2 LIMITED Date of issue – . 31 MAR 2015 What is the claim for – This Claim is for the sum of £2700.00 (rounded) in respect of monies owing pursuant to The Consumer Credit Act 1974 (CCA) under account no xxxxxxxxxx. The debt was legally assigned by Santander UK PLC to the claimant and notice has been served. The de
  13. Hello I have received a court claim form from HOIST PORTFOLIO HOLDINGS, they are working on behalf of Santander for a loan I took out in 2012. OK, so I know this nothing unusual in recent weeks however I would like to clarify a couple of things. I am aware of this debt however I do not want to acknowlege it without submitting a CCA, so here is what I think I am going to do: 1. Respond on MCOL and dispute the claim 2. Submit CCA request to solicitors (HOWARD COHEN AND CO) 3. Reject their request for any time extensions to magic up an agreement 4. If they dont produce t
  14. Another quick question if you don't mind! If a company obtains a CCJ on a debt which is already defaulted, does the 6 year clock start again on the CCJ? Cheers
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