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  1. As I stated above never heard anything after I sent cca request in dec 2014 then received a letter stating they couldnt get the cca from the creditor and no further action was needed until they get the cca to send to me. then I checked my credit report today and found daily debt collection markers from rw on previous address searches. just wondered what they were trying to do as I have absolutely no experience or knowledge of debt collectors.
  2. Thanks for the reply so in your view it seems like there trying to obtain daily information on my finances to build a claim up against me? I have no assets Im living at my parents and have no job since september 2014 and every account stated on my credit report is showing zero both credit cards maxed out. my only source of income is jsa at the moment.
  3. Hoist Portfolio are stated as the debt owner which i know is a sub company of robinson way .in regards to the loan it was at santander for 2 years after default never heard a thing paid pretty much all it back then through another debt collection company then it was passed back to santander then i received a dodgy looking letter stating hoist porfolio had purchased the remainder of the debt under £1000. i've had about 20 calls from robinson way throughout december never answered then i cca'd them end of december never heard anything since except a letter as
  4. never heard anything just one letter saying they couldnt retrieve the cca from the original creditor which took them 2 months to send me after my request and it just said we'll keep you updated no further action. debt collection searches? im on noddle there just in the address history searches everyday since 1st feb.
  5. yes i've contacted them numerous times no reply im more wondering about the law etc as they have not requested my permission to access my credit report and in regards to how its affecting my credit report as there's an address search everday since i cca'd them from 1st feb until 22nd feb.
  6. just wondering if anyone else is having this problem of robinson way doing credit report address history checks everyday for the past month? i have already cca'd and heard nothing back except we cannot retrieve your consumer credit agreement. anyones views or advice would be really helpful.
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