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  1. why did you ask about whether the inspector recorded my military number?
  2. beg you're pardon it was 21st of february. Also, yes he recorded my military ID number.
  3. well i travelled without a railcard and my railcard was out of date. I just don't see the harm in contacting them, find out whats going on, get early closure which they might appreciate.
  4. hi, as yet have still not recieved any correspondence from south west trains and the offence took place on the 28th of february. I am now on 2 weeks easter leave and I am back in Northern Ireland. I will now not be able to access my garrison post during this two week period therefore I may get my first letter during this time, I may then miss the 14 day window to present my mitigating circumstances. I am also due to deploy to france in mid april. Should I just give them a call to try to get the matter resolved? I have managed to
  5. They had one quite recently which they resolved successfully, the OP racially abused one of the revenue officers at Waterloo.
  6. I know i've been told many times to wait for the letter from SWT, however I thought there would be no harm in consulting with a solicitor and I gave the details of the case. They have stated that they should be able to get this resolved before I get issued my first letter from South West Trains. They are also of the opinion that it would be a good idea to get it resolved before the prosecution get hold of the case. The solicitor has requested the following- -Character reference from Commanding Officer -Letter with my Armed Forces address printed on it They st
  7. -I am in fact a currently serving member of the armed forces ''This does not make any difference whatsoever, the law applies equally to all members of the public, HMF are not exempt in any way. In the eyes of the law it's just a job which the individual chose to take up.'' yes I know, that was not what I meant however. I meant that I was entitled to the first issue of the HMF railcard as I am currently serving and still serving, however an offence was committed regardless. il continue to wait out for the letter and again thanks for you're contributions.
  8. Can the following help my case, would these be classed as mitigating circumstances? -First time offence -I genuinely didn’t realise that my railcard had expired. -I am in fact a currently serving member of the armed forces -It’s used infrequently and I never check it. (ive only travelled twice in the past year) -My railcard has been inspected on a previous occasion and nobody had brought it to my attention that it was out of date. -I didn’t realise that there were two parts the photo card and the actual railcard. -I complied fully. -I wasn’t disrespectful.
  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2713784/Unmasked-City-high-flier-Jonathan-Burrows-dodged-43-000-rail-fares-paid-3-days.html i remember this from a while back...
  10. ok thanks again for continuing to provide input. I've taken the day off to try and get this all sorted, i spoke to the Citizens Advice who weren't very helpful, they just suggested speaking to a solicitor. I spoke to a railway officer a Salisbury station who suggested speaking to the Chief Clerk of the regiment and getting them to phone SouthWestTrains on my behalf for closure. I just have so many opinions, just don't no what route to take. If I present my mitigating circumstances after receiving the first letter within this 14 day initial period and i am unable to be let off the hook (a
  11. 'intent to avoid the correct fare', is this within the 1889 regulation of railways act? one final thing should i renew my rail card tomorrow ?or would this appear like more of a case where i have deliberately avoided renewing until i have been caught, or should i just leave it, because i dont use the train that often. do you feel would they appreciate a railcard renewal as good intent or suspicion?
  12. It has 23rd November 2012 stamped on railcard. I phoned up but didn't give any details, just described the situation but no personal info was discussed. unless they are able to record the call through capturing my mobile number. What is the more serious charge that can be alleged? What are my prospects,what are the chances of settling out of court? also, the guy was foreign, i am pretty certain that he will follow this up, he seemed possibly a new recruit, was quite rigid. Better to sit it out you feel or better to contact southwes
  13. thanks really appreciate the replies, yes I understand.Just bit concerned thats all.
  14. was trying to tag the rail guy in this thread.obviously it didnt work!
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