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  1. Thanks for all the support, I will go online and cancel my DD, thanks to Chainey I have spoken to someone and feel a lot more confident after the talk, thanks again Chainey.
  2. Thank you for such a warm and comforting reply, most appreciated. I will provide the information you suggested tomorrow.
  3. My mortgage is with Halifax, not with my private bank account. Sorry, forgot to say it's a re payment mortgage.
  4. Hi everyone I’m not sure if I’ve posted this in the right section so please forgive me if I haven’t. I desperately need debt help and a friend suggested this forum. I am self-employed and until 10 years ago had a very successful business. Over the last 10 years my trade changed so much that I could no longer compete and have had to change direction and do bits of all sorts to try to make ends meet. I am still trying to add new things but to be honest I feel as though I am swimming against the tide and I am in a terrible mess. When I say a terrible mess I mean that at 60 this year I feel a complete failure. A couple of months ago I was so low that I was seriously considering suicide. A friend talked me into seeing my GP and I am now on tablets for severe anxiety, stress and depression. I have never taken pills in my life and the thought of my situation is so overwhelming that I still have suicidal thoughts. My hands shake and tremble occasionally, which makes my work impossible at times and my wife, now has to help me. When I get the shakes she even has to help me with basic tasks like buttoning my shirt and I can no longer help her with things like peeling and chopping vegetables. Although my wife has been wonderful I still feel I am a failure. When I went to the GP I actually cried and sobbed like a child. I am on the edge of tears most of the time, which doesn’t help my wife who has been on anti-depressants for some time now. I didn’t use my credit cards or overdrafts for anything other than trying to get through the winter, hoping that things would pick up. I feel totally sick, writing all of this down. I’m terrified that I can’t afford to pay my bills next month. Apart from my mortgage, these bills include things like all my direct debits, council tax, motor trade insurance, NI, one or two other insurances etc. I have so far never missed a payment on any of them but I know that for the next two to three months, unless thing change suddenly I can just about afford to live. I’m maxed out on my business overdraft of £5000 plus about £400 in charges and interest and my private account of £1000 plus about £100 in charges and interest. Sorry for waffling but I just wanted to give you an idea of the mess I’m in. Regards. Les
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