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  1. Bank was granted PO. Just unsure why they haven't acted on it. Can only be the pending court case and the fact he cannot get alternative accomodation.
  2. Hi, can anyone give me some advice. I live at an address with my landlord. But as a tenant in a separate part of the house. He went to court for a repossession 9th Jan 2015. He was then involved in an incident resulting in an assault charge against him. His previous court appearance he pleaded "Not guilty". The warrant of possession was granted 6th Feb 2015 but speaking to the solicitors they cannot act on it until the 2nd court case 6th March 2015. I think this is because it is his bail address. The debt on the house is large, around £400K and has been ongoing for around 2 years now. What is likely to happen? can the bank still send bailiffs in while he is on bail? What happens if he goes to prison.? What happens if the case keeps getting adjourned? I understand that there is no definate answer but just some advice on what might happen would be greatly appreciated.
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