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  1. Thanks DX, Got your original message on telephone calls / DCA loud and clear the first time thanks, hasn't stopped them sending me I&E review letters though!! Yes there are £12.00 charges for late payments etc... not sure how much, have not checked (have been totally wiped out with the MS... not an excuse just the way it is). Charges stopped and interest was frozen when I agreed repayment plan with Barclaycard. Excuse my ignorance, is it possible I can claim these back?? as previously stated am not exactly up to speed on finance / legalities.
  2. Been a while, but Barclaycard finally gave me all the information on the account. There was no PPI applied to the agreement ( albeit only shown on a printout as N = No against insurance ) Without hard copy of actual monthly statements with full breakdown, I guess I will have to accept this. Will tell the DCA (Link Financial) what I can afford to pay them and take it from there. Thanks to all of you who offered comments on this issue, it was much appreciat
  3. Thanks slick, will make the call.
  4. Rang Barclaycard who told me they were only legally obliged to hold the last six years information for statements, and they held no further information on me. They said they were unable to supply any further information concerning this account. Is this correct ??, if so looks like I've hit a brick wall. Again any comments are appreciated
  5. Will try, thank you dx.
  6. Hello all, I have received a response from Barclay Card for my SAR request. Included were a copy of the first page only, for the CCA with my signature dated 10/09/05. Also included were screen prints of Copy Statements, start date 06 Nov 2009 showing Closing balance, late payment charges and interest on standard balance. These are dated from Nov 2009 to Feb 2015. There was also a screen dump for account holder details. The front letter from Barclays says we have enclosed copies of information held by Barclaycard. There is no information from the date the CCA was
  7. Thank you SabreSheep, will do
  8. Hello No reply from Barclay Card on SAR request, 40 calender days are up (it was signed for on 08/02) what happens now ?? Any comments appreciated
  9. attached files are link financial and BC response to CCA request, hope i've done it ok!! CCA returns .pdf
  10. I changed my DD to a Standing order with Link Financial, just received a letter from them showing my last monthly payment, also the next payment date and the amount due. I am a bit confused as the monthly amount has now reduced by £1.00, do DCA's usually act in this way ??. Still waiting for a response from BC on my SAR request concerning details for this agreement. Thanks in advance for any comments
  11. The Skycard/Barclaycard was taken out in Sept 2005. CCA request was sent to Link Financial 04.02.16. Response from Link Financial included paperwork from Barclaycard, showing original T&C's for Sky Card. The first page had a large printed box which states Your Right to Cancel, Once you have signed this agreement you will have a short time in which you can cancel it. We will send you you exact details of how and when you can do this. The next page is the start of T&C's with my name and old address on top. Not sure if this is relevant, there are dates on th
  12. CC taken out September 2005, did not realise it was this long ago ( does this mean its to old to action ), showing on CRA file as Link Financial, no other information.
  13. hello dx from what I can see it's showing as Link on my credit file. This was taken out quite a while ago, but I think it was through a Sky TV promotion, as I stated on previous post, cannot remember when cc was taken out. When I became ill, had to sell my house and move, and a lot of my paperwork went walkabout. I do remember that once I had the card all my dealings were direct with BC. The information and paperwork that Link Financial ( and Barclays ) have just sent me have no dates concerning when this agreement started. Nothing with my signature on either ( if tha
  14. Hello all, Have had a reply from Link in reference to CCA request. They have sent me copies of Barclaycard T&C's also copies of Sky Card T&C's ( thinking back, this cc was done through Sky ). The Sky copy has my name and old address printed on the top of the first page, It says These are the terms and conditions of an agreement between us ( Barclays Bank PLC, Sky Card, Northampton ) and you name ******* then my old address. Link Financial and BC both state that where this request was made under section 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 2006 (Link) and Consumer Credit A
  15. OK, DD cancelled, into the waiting game now.
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