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  1. The Doc asked my hubby how far he can walk, he said he was no good with distances - so Dr asked if he knew the area of town where we were - hubby replied no - Dr pushed him again asking if he knew where the train station was - yes he replied - Dr asked 'so how would you get from here to there, explain it to me - hubby explained that he'd have to walk- Dr pushed him again about which way etc - he said he'd have to stop and rest at end of street- she pushed him to answer quickly about 'then you would continue? How far before you stop again? She was constantly pressuring him to reply even though
  2. Went to tribunal today - was degrading and humiliating for hubby - however they awarded him 18 points so he's now in WRAG.
  3. Thanks HB and LW your help has been fantastic x I've filled in the template and that's going in the morning. I sent the GO a letter asking for an explanation for his comments, he phoned with his reply. Apparently he is not able to make comments on how conditions affect my husband's mobility etc as this is classed as Social Care and apparently the DWP are aware of this, he added that this is why he put the not at the bottom about my husband having genuine problems. Its just so disheartening, I feel like I'm going insane whilst trying to convince everyone around me that everything's goin
  4. The HCP stated that he had not sought medical help over Anxiety in her statement (which he had done when we were asking doctor about depression symptoms) she also failed to mention that the diagnosis for the other condition was ongoing. This is the type of information that the DM had in front of them when making their decision. Although I had asked them to listen to the medical which had been recorded, which they stated they had - yet they missed those 2 points. Is that because it hadn't been specified (due to intervention from DWP man before MR??)
  5. I have the name for the person I spoke to about our reasons for requesting MR as its on the paperwork we were sent. He works for the DWP and I honestly thought I had been given the correct info. He did list some of the reasons I was giving but failed to have a complete list due to telling me to wait for the phonecall - that never came!! We had told the HCP at medical that test were ongoing for one of his debilitating conditions - I also told her that we had spoken to GP about depression a while before but had been 'brushed to the side' as he just stated that he 'wasn't going to issue med
  6. My husband says they might as well shoot him now as they will only tell him it's all in his head (he has had experienced this before - quite sometime ago). He's going to find the tribunal hard because from what I've read he will need to be answering their questions and making statements - due to his anxiety and depression I usually do most of the talking.
  7. I will contact the GP and ask for further clarification of his answers. He has been treating my hubby for a long time - in fact he was the one who first sent my hubby to hospital with kidney problems as his previous GP just kept trying to treat him for a pulled back muscle (despite going back several times over several months with no improvement). When we requested MR I began listing Our reasons - after a few I was told to stop and that I would be able to discuss things with the DM when they called - no call came - even though it is stated in the paperwork that they tried more than once
  8. Can I also add that my husband does TRY and do things - it's just that he suffers extreme pain and fatigue (which is made worse when he does anything! He attended physio last year (where the PT explained that his knee caps were slightly dislocating and that's what was resulting in the clicking and cracking). He had to stop going as he was suffering from increased pain from his kidneys and stent (which ischanged every 6 months). He has been continuing with the simple exercises she gave him to do and we did use to go to the pool (first thing on a Sunday morning when no one was around to avoid ad
  9. I have thanks, am working through it all - it can be quite draining though I am determined to do all I can.
  10. Thank you all for your replies. I will contact the GP about what he put, in the box at the bottom he also put 'this is a genuine case'. When he originally spoke to us about him having filled in the form (which was in 2013) he told us a slightly different version and never mentioned the descriptors - otherwise I would have questioned him further. The tribunal is 19th so not long to go and no one to turn to in such a short time. Nystagmite I fully appreciate what you've said and did read about the imaginary wheelchair to mobilise. My husband suffers with severe pains in his arms/wrists/han
  11. I also forgot to put that he only manages a few hours 'proper' sleep at night - he can nod off through the day - sometimes as a result of taking his medication - also due to total exhaustion.
  12. My husband was on IB and had a Atos medical last year - which resulted in them claiming he is fit for work. He has horseshoe kidneys that are upside down, one side has minimal function and the function of the 'good' side is impaired - he has a stent inserted to heal his bladder drain - without it his tube blocks and causes the kidney to swell. He suffers from continuous lower back pain, which increases when he walks about and radiates into his groin area. He is on Tramadol and Paracetemol for the pain. He also suffers from Raynauds and even though he talked nifedipine he still looses circulati
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