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  1. Thank you. Out of interest since you have been a great help, I canceled my standing orders but Natwest let them go as they weren't cancelled in time according to them and I am now out of pocket. Natwest can't do anything about this as the payments have been made and have requested I contact the company in question. Will my creditors return these payments because they should never have been received or am I wasting my time in even asking?
  2. Hi! Thanks for the response. In regards to the PDL's I did make formal complaints on the basis of irresponsible lending as per a template I found on the forum. I managed to get one PDL written off completely, 1 reduced to the amount initial borrowed with no interest and the others the complaints were not upheld. I thought I had this under control but again this month I can't make the agreed repayments hence the reasoning behind requesting an application pack for StepChange. Which debts do you believe are the ones to request a CCA? The store card I have actually was passed to Moorcroft and defaulted, however they assumed I was living at an address permanently when intact it was a temporary address whilst I waited to move into our new property a couple of weeks later so the default was sent there and not received until some months later. Both the original creditor and Moorcroft dismissed this though as this was the address I was advised by DFH to give so that the paperwork could be sent to me in the first instance!
  3. Hi All, *Firstly, would someone be able to assist me in deleting my previous thread as circumstances have changed and I felt better in posting a new one for advice* I began experiencing financial difficulty in August 2014 (relatively new still!) and originally used DFH Financial Solutions to look after my DMP, fast forward a couple of months and I realised through this forum that a DMP can be self-managed and/or free, I believe I was paying DFH 20% each month maybe more. I left this DMP in January 2015 and began to self manage my own, writing to creditors and generally receiving a good response. This was managed successfully until I again hit a further financial difficulty in June. I have since been unable to manage my current DMP, I originally increased my offers as my income allowed me too but since then my rent and such has increased due to unforeseen circumstances. I no longer feel able to repay the current offers I have in place and have already received one letter stating that I have "used" as such all repayment plan requests. I am extremely agitated and anxious that I will have bailiffs/debt collectors at my fathers address. I have this evening requested a new DMP pack from StepChange in the hope this will relieve my current anxieties. Will my creditors respond to this or will they think negatively of using a provider now since I have managed up until the last two months or so? I am going to write a further letter to those required explaining that I am unable to continue self-managing my DMP. Will they refuse offers now that a provider will be used and payments reduced? Sorry for the ramble. TIA
  4. Hiya, I haven't spoken to anyone on the telephone at Halifax, I've done everything by letter so that it is recorded. I've been in a repayment plan since around this time last year, originally with a fee-paying company (big mistake!) and now self-managed. No, like you say I don't use the account so it doesn't matter either way, it just seemed abit odd that they would make it seem that in 6 months' time the balance is £0 when realistically it won't be! I'm due a payout soon so hopefully I can clear it that way, if not I will need to arrange another plan come February.
  5. So I am still to carry on with my repayment until the balance is cleared despite them saying it would be at £0 come February? Sorry if I am sounding a little thick, I've never received this sort of letter from them in regards to my payment plans.
  6. I haven't banked with Halifax in over a year now. It just doesn't make sense to me as they have sent one letter stating they have put a temporary limit and this will be reduced, then this letter attached stating that as of 03/02/2016 the balance is £0?
  7. Ah, ok. It isn't letting me attach at the moment as I haven't enough posts. But I think I may have it via attachments?
  8. Hi All. Sorry I seem to be popping up all over the place since I have debts with quite a few creditors. I received a letter today (I'm not sure how to attach?) stating they have accepted my repayment offer for 6 months, after the 6 months my balance is zero although technically I still owe circa. £2,400 on this account. Does this mean they will be writing off the remaining balance?
  9. Hiya, My account was passed to OPOS last year before the whole MiniCredit ceasing to trade. I arranged a repayment plan again, increasing my offer last Tuesday and obviously received this today. But I have email confirmation saying it is accepted and will commence 01/09/2015. This is so stressful!
  10. I have today received a FINAL Demand from OPOS on behalf of an £80 loan I took out previously with Mini Credit. This account hasn't been paid since June although I have rung them in both June and July stating a payment couldn't be made until 1st September due to unforeseen circumstances. Where do I stand with this? I rearranged a new payment plan on 04/08/2015 which I received email confirmation was accepted.
  11. Sorry, me again! I have today received a FINAL Demand from OPOS on behalf of an £80 loan I took out previously with Mini Credit. This account hasn't been paid since June although I have rung them in both June and July stating a payment couldn't be made until 1st September due to unforeseen circumstances. Where do I stand with this? I rearranged a new payment plan on 04/08/2015 which I received email confirmation was accepted.
  12. UPDATE: I had a response today for one the complaints made, I only questioned whether charges and/or interest could be refunded onto the account due to the financial difficulty I am in and receive this reply (obviously part reply as it is extremely long) "Bearing in mind the above, I am unable to uphold your complaint, as we believe that the aforementioned checks were proportionate and responsible and we considered all available information at the time we made our decision to lend to you. The total amount borrowed was £500 and repayments to date total £229.99, which means that presently you have benefited from £270.01. As a goodwill gesture, and in light of your current financial hardship, I have arranged to write off the outstanding balance of £589.00, meaning you therefore have no further liability to us. Please cancel any regular payments that may have been set up in connection with your account, either directly or through a debt management company." I have today checked the account and it has a zero balance with no outstanding arrears. This is brilliant but where do I stand in relation to my credit file reporting this? TIA
  13. Thank you! I have another queries, sorry if I am a pain! I have an overdraft that I haven't been able to afford any sort of repayment on, they have added over £200 in charges now so I am obviously over my "agreed" limit, I have an on-going dispute with this for irresponsible lending as the overdraft limit itself is 4x more than my monthly salary. Can these charges be reclaimed and what sort of letter should I send in relation to repayment? I have a repayment plan for my other creditors which suits me and them fine and has only been reviewed this month so I don't really want to have to contact them again with a revised figure as I have just been able to increase slightly.
  14. Hi, Sorry for the delayed response! I have only one default which is for Next Directory which I now pay £5.00 a month too. I never received a default notice mind you so I am going to be requesting a copy of my Credit Agreement with them. Do "Arrangements" remove if I go back to paying minimum payment on the accounts, say it would only show until August if I began repaying minimum then? And how will that affect my credit rating? I mean, I'm not overly bothered as it had taken a beating anyway but just trying to improve everything I can for the future really. I have emailed Wonga & Sunny in relation to irresponsible lending, Wonga refused to uphold my complaint and Sunny are still investigating. I have PDL's with the following and have included the dates in which they were given: Wonga - July 2014 WageDayAdvance - June 2014 24/7 Moneybox - August 2014 MyJar - July 2014 MiniCredit/OPOS Ltd - August 2014 Sunny - July 2014 Payday UK - April 2015 As you can see, they were all given around the same time. Obviously it was my mistake in using PDLs in the first place mind you. What percentage would you offer each in relation to a full and final settlement?
  15. Hi All, I have been a long time lurker here at the forums and have managed my own DMP quite sufficiently until this point. I currently have the following outstanding: Halifax Overdraft Halifax Credit Card Barclaycard X 7 PDLs X 1 Store Card Obviously, it has now gone on long enough and I would love to have some money for myself each month (as I'm sure we all would!), if I was to offer a F&F to the PDLs what percentage of the overall outstanding balance should I start with? These are my issues, if it wasn't for the PDLs I could return to maintaining minimum payment in the other accounts at a push. Also, how does Arrangement fair on CRA's? Are they worse than a default? Thanks in advance
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