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  1. Thank you for that. If I register with them do they share my information with the likes of the Compello group or other debt collector agencies?
  2. Any idea where I can check my credit file, one that is reliable, I've recently heard bad things about experion selling things to people before they can register with them.
  3. The original debt was £3000 and with a company called Welcome Finance ltd: It was taken out to help a friend at the time who then later refused to repay me the instalments even after i lost my job and had to move home. Obviously my name was on the loan so it's my responsibility but as I was in dire straits at the time I had to leave where I was living at the time and moved else where. I had paid the first instalments of the loan before all this happened. Do you think that SB applies to me in this case?
  4. Thanks guys, you have been very helpful. I will keep this thread updated on what is happening. I just have one more question, is there, do you think, any significance in them saying they sent me another letter in which they offered terms for repayment, one which I never received? also the time the letters seem to take to arrive at my house., the first one took four days from date of sending the second took 18 days from date of sending.
  5. Thanks, yes I had to leave that address back in December 2005 due to losing my job at the time. I didn't change my address so I don't know what letters were sent there for me, I had many problems at the time. So do you think I should just continue to ignore them and carry on as normal?
  6. Not sure what a Sb is, and I havent checked my credit file. Where would I get one of those? To check my credit file would I have to be more exposed to these debt collectors or is this information private to me?
  7. Its a debt from a previous address, that I left in Demember 2005. They give the amount that is due.
  8. Thank you SabreSheep for the quick reply. I won't answer this letter then, they say in this letter that they had sent a previos contact where they tried to come to an arrangement with me but i didnt reply, I have not received any such letter from them. To date I've received only two letter, the one today being the second.
  9. Hi on the 19th of February I received a letter from a company called Willen (letter had been sent on the 16th), asking me if I was the occupant of a previous address , which they listed. That they wanted to get in touch with me over a personal matter. If I wasn't the person they apologised for the contact but if I could help with the where abouts of the stated person then please contact them. When I looked up this company I found that they were a debt collector firm in Milton Keynes. I received a reply from a member on here, Stigman, telling me never answer
  10. I read some of the posts here, I recently received a letter from this company named Wiiien, CSA. The said they were attempting to contact the above named person regarding a personal matter. If i could help them maybe find this person then call a number that provided. What should I do? should I reply or call the number? should I ignore? Like one person on here said they had lots of mail and even someone at the door. i live with an elderly aunt and i dont want doggy people calling to the door and scaring her,
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