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  1. Well they have had the tablet back, just awaiting the cheque or any response now. Yes, already been confirmed costs for time incurred can't be charged in any pre legal action matter. Maybe the threat and intention to push for such charges under legal action if that happened if they never acted may have helped push their directors office decision to offer the refund in the first place?. Either that or exercising my rights under the SOGA. Not that it matters as such I guess. But if they had refused the refund it would have been an interesting situation. As yes, I would have pushed le
  2. Sent a message off to Watchdog but unsure on if they will bother to get in touch or the story of much interest (unless if related to other such similar cases\stories) after speaking to Citizens Advice. As I tried to contact Trading Standards only to find out and be told that consumers (Joe public) now have to go via bloody Citizens Advice!. Having got to deal with and speak to Citizens Advice I explain the situation to them, what had happened etc. Only its felt there would be little point in passing the matter onto Trading Standards due to the fact that Argos have now offered a full ref
  3. Think I will contact Watchdog, as how many other people could this be happening to?. Consumers getting the blame for something and expected to take the hit under Argos policy and store management lying to other departments to cover their own backs etc. Yet fully protected legally and entitled to a replacement or full refund under the SOGA!. I'd not mind, except the directors office would never admit that store level managers acted wrong in any way or requested a copy of the repairs report to verify the lies my own store manager made up to justify the refund refusal. And even now, the n
  4. The directors office person gave me the impression today that she felt the both store managers acted correctly because the repairs report said the part is not covered under the manufactures warranty and so felt there decision was correct on that front simply because of what the repairs report said and they were simply following that. However, with the first (duty) manager, I cited & repeated the refund request is being made under the SOGA and not the manufacturers warranty and repeated several times that if they were in any doubt over a lawful claim under the SOGA to consult with their ar
  5. An update on this: I had someone from the directors office on the phone a short while ago. We discussed the situation and issues at some length and what had happened etc. They said unfortunately they can't overrule either store managers decision on a store return level as they are not allowed to do so. So I pointed out, what, not even when they acted unlawfully in ignoring the Sales Of Goods Act and despite several requests to each manager to check and verify with area management and or head office over the legal rights under the SOGA they simply refused to do so and listen a
  6. I sent an updated email to the CEO department this afternoon detailing exactly what the store manager claimed to his own Argos Helpers people on twitter after they called him in store, as I had a reply from an actual person from my original email to the CEO so thought I'd update and report the actual manager. Well I say CEO department, the person who has contacted me and looking into the case is seemingly from the "Directors Department"!. I've even gave them the repairs report job number so they can try and source a copy themselves or get it faxed to them etc. Banged
  7. Having a little "fun" (not) on the Argos helpers Twitter account (never even used Twitter before yesterday) over this. They claim to have contacted my own local store manager today over the issue, the same store manager who has claimed to me no tablet of TV screen is covered against fault as standard under manufacturers warranty. And the same manager who refused to contact area manager of head office over the issue. talking to Argos on Twitter resulted in a call to my local store. The store manager apparently recalls my visit and claims to Argos helpers (customer serv
  8. My point of contacting the manufacturer themselves is not to deal with them directly over the fault as Argos would clearly prefer. But more to verify and gain the information that would discredit what Argos has said about there is no manufacturers warranty on the Lenovo tablets screen against faults developing as standard which is why they are claiming they can't do anything by the looks of the repairs agents report. They have already said they can't source the part (unless results on google\ebay etc are fake parts) and even if they could the part would cost them near as much as
  9. I've even posted about the issues with the tablet on the official Lenovo support board yesterday and asked for a response to the issues in reply to another persons post\thread who seems to have had the same problem and posted about it about a week ago. To date, neither the original poster or myself have received any official response from Lenovo or even there board moderators!. I've even asked Lenovo for clarification and confirmation on if the screens & digitizers are covered against fault as standard or not. No answer on that either at the moment. I know I don't
  10. Yeah, these CEO contacts and departments tend to be just a better and more qualified\trained grade of customer service teams with more authority from past experience, even if the CEO might often look at a selection for themselves. But yeah, thanks, sure quicker dealing by email than by letter in all probability
  11. Email compiled and sent to the CEO earlier today. I probably went into far more detail than I needed to but better to get everything across than miss anything out I guess. And hopefully the CEO (or whoever deals with the email) will be left in no doubt I will both carry out the intention to go to Trading Standards and follow up with any legal action on my brothers behalf if I have to. I have also complained about the behaviour of the 2 separate managers (even if the first was only a duty manager), how disgusted I was by there both refusal to consult with a superior d
  12. Thanks, that's now 2 managers who have pretty much refused to discuss and verify the situation with their area manager and or head office and totally ignoring the legal obligation under the SOGA. Are Argos now ordering all managers to totally ignore the SOGA and simply quote and hide behind there own personal policy?. In today's case the manager, upon suggesting he double checks to even make a quick call to colleague relations at their head office, assuming Argos have a colleague relation department even refused to do that.
  13. I've been to my own Argos branch this morning before heading out for the day in the hope they would be more reasonable & see sense, have a better understanding of the SOGA and to more try a second and last time to resolve the situation on a store level before and in the hope of not needing to go higher. I even got an actual store manager this time instead of just a duty manager I dealt with in my brothers local store which was good I guess. He pretty much said the same thing as the other store said and is trying to stick to that. I tried to reason with him and the cla
  14. To clarify, when the cracked screen appeared the tablet was less than 3 months old, it was bought late October 2014, developed the fault late January 2015. When I spoke to the duty manager (as the store manager was not in) they pretty much claimed the issue is that the claim either by there repair agenets or Lenovo that such parts are not covered by the manufacturers warranty means Argos are not responsible. This is despite the brief report not detailing or being able to detail how the fault, cracked screen appeared. The duty manager refused to accept that, the matter of claimed
  15. I'm reposting this here from another board in the hope someone can help clarify the legal situation and rights. My brother bought a Lenovo Yoga 10" tablet from Argos back in late October 2014. Only by no fault of his own after using it for a few hours one night just over 2 weeks ago and letting it rest\cool overnight he awoke to find the screen had a crack in it. Not the lcd screen, just the top digitizer part. He has always kept it in an official Lenovo case and did not (and I have no reason to dis-believe him) drop it at any point and he has no reason to lie about this. He has tri
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