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  1. Thank you for replying so quickly! I know and to be honest I wish I just paid the extra month if I knew I'd get an ARC £440 bill! I've just had such trouble with them I got fed up - it was the last straw asking for an extra month as a good will gesture?! I cancelled my direct debit after I cancelled my membership, I assume they tried to take January and it bounced back hense me then technically "owing" them money! If it comes down to paying that extra month to end it all then so be it, but there's no way I should be paying £440 - I also received another voicemail recently tellin
  2. Hi all! Read a lot of threads and I think I know by now that ARC are a pain and should be ignored most of the time, but I'd like to get some quick advice on my situation to be assured that I do not need to pay up! I joined David Lloyd in September 2014 - signed a year contract however made it clear that I would be soon getting a new job in another gym where I would receive a free membership. The Membership advisor said that was fine I just needed to prove it with an acceptance letter from my new job and they would cancel my year contract no problem. I started my new job late Nov
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