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  1. Hi guys! Me again... i sent the reply you gave me Slick132 to jess at DW and got this reply: i Dan, As far as I am aware I have not received an email from yourself since the last one I sent on the 18th March as acknowledged below. Please accept my apologies if you have been awaiting a response. Unfortunately there is no more I can do on this matter and understand your actions you have stated below. If there is anything further you require please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind Regards Jess Keeler Front of House Manager DW Fitness Milton Keynes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thinking that was the end of it i did not reply and have now received another email from ARC europe stating they are after the £92 again or it will be passed on to their legal team. I have replied swiftly to that saying that the matter is still in dispute with DW and any further attempts to contact me unless it is by them will result in me making a formal complain to Trading Standards. I still have not done that yet... is this the next step for my case? Many thanks , Dan
  2. Hi guys ... long time since my last update but here we are ... annoyingly my email inbox decided to delete itself so all i have to go off now is the original email and first reply to Jess from DW which i stuck into a seperate folder. I have resent the messages suggested to her this morning ... but i received this from ARC Europe again (i have not responded) Dear Mr ...... ARC Reference: ,,,,,,, RE: DW Sports Fitness Balance: £94.00 We are writing in response to your recent correspondence sent to our solicitors, Majorlaw Ltd. Please note that ARC (Europe) Ltd is a collection agent, acting in good faith on the instructions received from a disclosed principal, namely DW Sports Fitness. We have been instructed by our client to manage your account and we are therefore authorised to contact you in connection with the above. We have acted in accordance with our client’s instructions and within current collection legislation, rules and guidance. We reserve the right to produce our correspondence to any Tribunal, regulatory body or investigating authority to prove our compliance and good conduct in this matter. We understand our client received a complaint from you on 25 February 2015 and responded on 28 February 2015 however they received no response from you. They have confirmed that you did not cancel your membership in accordance with the agreed Terms and Conditions as you are required to provide one full calendar month written notice. In the circumstances, please provide proof of cancellation in order for us to refer the matter back to our client for further instructions, i.e. a receipt from the Royal Mail confirming delivery of your notice to cancel or a letter/receipt from our client acknowledging your notice to cancel. In the absence of such proof we remain instructed that the above balance is outstanding and must be paid. You can make a secure payment to ARC 24 hours a day with your debit or credit card by visiting our web site or by calling our automated payment hotline on 0845 0268889. Alternatively you can telephone us on 01932 251000 to make a payment by debit or credit card or you can use the following bank details to make payment:- Bank name: n/a Account name: ARC Europe Ltd Sort Code n/a Account Number: n/a Reference Number: n/a We have placed your account on hold for 14 days pending your proof or payment proposals. However, if we do not receive this, we will be required to pass this account back to our solicitors, Majorlaw Ltd for further action. Please be advised that emails replied to this address will not be answered. All emails must be sent to email address Yours Sincerely, Miss Neesom Compliance Administrator ARC Europe Ltd Kent House Churchfield Road Walton On Thames Surrey KT12 2TU --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any help again will be amazing! its shocking how they never asked questions when the account was going unused for months but they were happy taking money but as soon as i noticed the error and blocked it they go all Rambo on you! Shocking service.
  3. Hi all, me again... i should mention straight off the bat that i only just sent my email this morning to DW as i had been away again but got my response back just now. Here is my email and the reply from them... please advise Hi Jess, Thanks for your email. Apologies for the very late reply. I was actually away on short notice again with work straight after getting back 3rd March so have been going through a backlog of emails this week. I was given no receipt when I cancelled my membership unfortunately, only told that one more direct debit will come out and that would count as me giving my notice. I'm not sure if there is a system is in place whereby you can see when someone last entered the facilities but that would show i have not used the gym for quite some time as i had no reason to believe anything other than what i was told at the time was the correct procedure. I trust you now accept the matter is now ended as I cancelled in an acceptable manner and paid all I owe. and any further demands will be referred to Trading Standards as a formal complaint. Many thanks, Dan Coyle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Dan, Not a problem with the delay in getting back to me. It has allowed me time to thoroughly go through our scans and old receipts from last year. Unfortunately as there is no proof of cancellation I cannot close your account and the arrears will need to be paid for. Kind Regards Jess Keeler Front of House Manager
  4. Hi Guys, Back from my trip and found this email sitting in my inbox.. . thought i would obviously check first of all how to respond: Hi Daniel, I am emailing you regarding the letter of complaint regarding your arrears you sent to head office. They have passed it on to myself to look into this and contact you. I am the new Front of House Manager at the Milton Keynes branch and would like to try and resolve this with you as best I can. Please can I ask that you provide a copy of the receipt you would have been given when you cancelled in the club. I understand that you are away until the 3rd March so I am not expecting any correspondence back until after then. Kind Regards Jess Keeler Front of House Manager DW Fitness Milton Keynes
  5. Hi Slick, Thanks very much for your help - i wrote a formal letter out and posted to DW on saturday and emailed Major Law to the address on the letter they sent as per your instructions. Not expecting to hear anything now till i'm back next week i guess but i'll be sure to keep you updated. Regards
  6. No this was another reason i was worried i didnt have a leg to stand on ... bar my initial contact with the girl behind the counter and that unresponded to email i sent as a reply to DW i have made no contact with any of them and they have not acknowledged anything i have previously sent. Thank you so much again for your help... i will get that emailed across to Major Law straight away.
  7. Hi Slick123 sorry for missing your questions. Errrm couldnt possibly give an exact date but i joined the gym over 3 years ago now around July August time 2011 if i was to guess. Couldnt possibly say either but i'd assume it was a rolling 12 month contract as i dont believe it was ever stated to me it would be done on a month by month basis. I have 1 email that is still on my outlook account in reply to a Final Direct Debit Demand. I had already had the bank get back money from the month previous and block this direct debit. This from them to me: Final Direct Debit Reminder Dear Coyledinho, Your membership remains in arrears for December 2014 and will shortly be passed to ARC Europe Ltd to recover this balance on our behalf. Please note that accounts passed to ARC Europe Ltd will incur an additional £25 administration charge. It is in your interest to make payment to your local fitness club no later than 21st December 2014 in order to settle this account and prevent further action. Please contact your local DW Fitness Club as a matter of urgency --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My reply dated 21/12/2014 : To: DW Fitness Clubs I have been into my local DW on three occassions and tried to cancel my membership and on each occasion was told it was fine and no further payment would be taken. This never happened and i was still having direct debits taken out after the agreed date. You will be able to see from your records i have not used my membership in months and have no intention of keeping my membership. The direct debit has been cancelled and you will not be having any more money from me after being let down numerous times in the past. Kind Regards,
  8. could you point me in the direction of that Bazooka to have a look? or do you know the jist of what happened there? Thanks again for all your help so far
  9. Thought so... ive uploaded via my work computer which is a bit dated to say the least. here is the letters contents word for word: Date: 16th February 2015 Re: DW Sports fitness Balance £94.00 Dear Sir, We act for DW Sports Fitness and have been instructed to contact you for recovery of the above debt which we understand is still outstanding. We have been referred to previous correspondence sent to you by ARC (Europe) limite and are not aware of any reason as to why payment is not due. A County Court Claim has now been prepared and is ready to be issues against you in Northampton County Court. The following costs will be added upon issue: Debt Balance £94.00 Court Fee £25.00 Solicitors Costs £50.00 Annual Interest (to be adjusted pro rate) £7.52 TOTAL £176.52 As you can see the issue of court proceedings will mean that the amount you owe our client will increase by £82.52 You are required to send a payment today. Please call our clients agent, ARC (Europe) Ltd directly on their Legal Help Line and ask for the Legal Manager, Martin Wicks (they also accept payment over the phone by debit or credit card) For full details of how to pay ARC visit their website You may want to seek independant legal advice or advice from a debt counsellor or Citizens advice bereau or similar organisation on this matter IF YOU IGNORE THIS LETTER WE MAY PROCEED TO ISSUE THE CLAIM IN 14 DAYS TIME AND WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE.
  10. Hi guys, Thank you all so much for your help so far with this and feedback. Definitely starting to take a weight off my mind. The emails said the same as i put on here: i explained i had been in and verbally cancelled membership in august and given 1 months notice. Payment was taken September AND october, so i had cancelled the direct debit and they would not be able to get funds from my account. Pointed out they would also see from their records i didnt attend the gym since late august, early september shortly after cancelling membership. Hopefully that should have attached the letter i received yesterday. I've still not made any contact with ARC or Major Law. I should point out at this point i will be out of the country from the end of next week till 3rd March so obviously a bit worried im going to come back from holiday with another letter demanding more money. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi guys, new to this but tried reading as much as possible on other threads to get an idea of what to do but my situation is slightly different so hopefully someone can help. Went into DW Milton Keynes back in August last year to cancel my membership. Spoke to just a young girl working behind the front desk who let me know what i already knew.. . its fine I've made a note of you giving your notice and 1 months payment will have to be taken still. AT NO POINT DID I SEND A LETTER OR RECEIVE ANY WRITTEN CONFIRMATION. Money was taken in September which was fine ...but it was also taken in October. I wasn't in a position to visit the gym at the time as i was in sheffield - tried calling a number of times to query but either was left on hold or the person i needed to speak to wasnt about to take my call. I decided to just call my bank and get them to cancel the direct debit so nothing was taken in November and they also got back for me the money from October. STILL NO WRITTEN EVIDENCE OF ANY KIND. I received emails over the coming weeks from DW saying they were unsuccesful taking direct debit from my account. I applied to these emails explaining my situation but heard nothing back. Then in December i received a letter from ARC Europe stating they were trying to take £94.00 on behalf of DW. Maybe foolishly ignored this letter but now it has been passed onto Major Law who are looking for £94 plus £25 court fee plus £50 solicitors costs and £7.52 annual interest. saying i have 14 days to pay or they MAY issue the claim. I feel foolish cus i signed no cancellation form when i went in or sent a letter to DW all i have is 2/3 unresponded to emails from the time they tried taking my direct debit again unsuccessfully. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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