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  1. Just a heads up. Sent off I+E form and got the replies today. one for each card. I+E shows after expenditure the surplus amount for Debt payments pro rata as a negative amount. i.e outgoings are more than income to the tune of £100 pm. The pro rata amounts to Barclaycard are -£38.18 and -£20.68 they have said in the letter that if these amounts are paid to the two accounts by March 17th then a repayment plan will start. It does not mention amount or timescale. Is this a game ? as i said the amount left for debts is a negative amount and someone at Barclaycard has obviously seen the pro rat
  2. I have sent a I + E via email to an address given to me by BC. I did emphasize to them to conduct responses to secure email or by letter and received a phone call today ( i did not answer) i have since re-emphasized the former. I will suggest your response to them ...thank you...I know i owe the debt and want to pay it back but NOT with their extortionate interest rate As for the advice options..i have not
  3. All i have done is sent the I + E via email. I have not sent a letter and did not mention freezing interest and penalty charges , what is the duration i could ask them to consider ?
  4. Both accounts were opened January 2010 This was emailed today and i emailed the I + E
  5. When i cancel the DD what are they likely to threaten me with ?
  6. Have been looking at the Joseph Rowntree foundation for I + E and found that after basics i have really been missing out by a few hundred pounds of what is called a minimum standard of living...by this i mean the money is taken to pay cards ..
  7. Its hard to say when they were opened .Should i just ask them ?
  8. Thanks, I do own my home joint mortgage with about 68K left and i have defaulted on others but have kept up to date with agencies...they don`t want to help me as they have said i can meet the minimum repayment amounts..they would say that as i am paying them just their interest.
  9. Will check the accounts..why does the length of account opening so important ? Because it is MY debt do i have to incorporate my wifes income or soley mine in the I + E or as a family income ? as we have our own accounts for money ? very confusing
  10. Of course..so send a subject access request and i + e but what about DD and continual payments ? as i cannot afford to pay what they are requesting via DD next month...do i cancel DD until further notice ?
  11. sorry what is a I + E ? from latest statement.. Previous balance £4683.65 Purchases £ 0.00 Interest & charges £ 121.69 Payments received £ 0.00 Closing balance £ 4805.34
  12. My current statement interest and charges after the "freeze" of my account for 30 days is 121.69
  13. Thanks for the reply...there are a few..I will need to sift through history if possible via my online Barclaycard account . How do i go about repaying the debt and not paying interest now though ? and could they not just keep charging me fees if i did default payment ? My biggest fear is baliffs coming to recover debt as it is solely mine and not my wifes..
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