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  1. Hi I'm looking for some advice on behalf of my partner who today has received a notice of issue of warrant of control. Now my understanding is that bailiffs usually get involved when a ccj has been issued so my partner checked his credit file and it seems a ccj was issued by Lowell in October 2017. In April 2017 my partner left the address that he had been living at for 4 years and then spent 5 month's at his mums address and then moved in with me in September 2017 and has been on the electoral since that date. He has never received any court pa
  2. No PRA are not aware, I have not had any communication with PRA.
  3. At the time I had other PDL's and in the past 3 months I have already contacted QQ about this but they say it was all done correctly so I am now going to escalate that to the ombudsman to deal with but first need to get my bank statements as its over 6years old. I will write to QQ. Thank you for all advice given, much appreciated. Macker16
  4. I have no other paperwork from Pra other than a statement of account which only shows the agreement date and how much is owed. I don't recall seeing a notice of assignment.
  5. The only proof I have that shows the date to be incorrect is the default notice that quickquid sent me via email and also my bank statements that shows that no more payments have ever been made. There was never any payments or communication with Pra so totally confused as to where the date has come from but I know 100% that it is now over 6yrs old and should not be appearing on my credit file but because of the wrong date it is.
  6. Hi Looking for some advice on how to approach my situation . I had a quickquid loan back in in 2012 and the last loan i had was August 2012. PRA have ownership of this debt and have have today sent me a statement of my account that correctly shows the agreement date as August 2012. I set up a payment plan with quickquid and have the default notice on email showing the date of 26 September 2012 but my credit file shows 26 March 2014. I have previously taken out a dispute with the credit reference agency Noodle and they have contacted PRA who have said the date is c
  7. Hi Andy, thank you for your reply. I've received absolutely nothing from the court, only this letter from Lowell. Not phoned the courts as they had closed by the time I got home from work and received the letter. So do I do nothing about payment until I receive information about the judgement from the courts?
  8. Hi On Friday 20 July I received a letter from Lowell asking for 1st installment to be paid on the 23Rd July. They have said installment amount is £4428.29 and is monthly which is obviously an error on the monthly amount as £4428.29 is the full balance my question is should I wait for paperwork from the courts as I've had nothing from the court since the hearing date on the 9 July and i thought it would be coming from the courts. I also think it's unrealistic for Lowell to send a letter asking for a direct debit to be set up with 3 days notice of the first payment date and t
  9. He just allowed the solicitor to go through all the additional fees and interest she wanted adding onto it which the judge said maximum was £600 and he said that would be added onto the existing debt and then it was over so I don't know what I do now.
  10. It's so wrong! What happens next,do Lowells now get in contact with me to arrange payment or is it the courts that contact me as nothing was explained.
  11. Do you mean did he ignore everything I said about the electronic signature does not over idea the cca1974 and they should still have provided a credit agreement then yes. He just kept saying that I wouldon't have agreed to the t&c on the website and didn't care that they had not provided any of the info that just have been produced.
  12. Is there anything else I can do as there has been another post on here where lowell were the claimant and used the same documentation as the credit agreement and that judge ruled in favour of the defendant!
  13. Just to update you that lowells,the judge allowed them to get away passing the digital online application as the credit agreement.....feeling devastated at the moment.
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