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  1. Ok will do - is their any particular points I should reference in relation to defaults being placed within 3 months or is that common knowledge ?
  2. I am not sure if it's with the original creditor it still shows on my credit file as AA financial. The loan only had 2 payments left each payment was about £245. Not received a default as far as I can remember. Seems strange they can just leave it for 4 years and then decide to default
  3. The summary shows it defaulted in October 2016..just seems weird that they have waited nearly 4 years to default it
  4. I have been in financial difficultie for a few years now and recently checked my credit file for a AA loan, stupidly I only had 2 payments left on the loan for £230ish a month. I have checked my credit file and its shown 1 payment down for nearly 3 years and then they have defaulted it. I am not overly concerned as I intend to settle soon but just curious if they are allowed to do this. just seems weird that they can keep an account and then default after 3/4 years?? my credit file shows as follows Status history 2017 - Default 2016 - 1 down until November when it de
  5. Basically letter stating they will take me to court and add on over £200 more fees etc.. looks like a threat only atm
  6. I have outstanding debt with QQ, the amount started at £400 currently know at £1200 or something. Massive rolled over charges. Received this today. Am I right in sending a SAR to QQ to provide breakdown of charges - not easy being in hardship so everything counts. Thanks
  7. ok thanks, So if I print off the SAR request - do I need to specify that it needs to detail every individual charge or will they do that automatically? Enclose the £10.00 When you say put a claim in I presume I will have to wait the 40 days first to get an idea of what I'm claiming yes?
  8. Nope never sent anything, I buried my head in the sand so just ignored it but since I have woken up and decided to deal with I have realised they have charged silly amounts of money for nothing. Its currently with Moorcroft but looking at the letters its not be sold as they refer to Natwest as their client.
  9. Hi All I have just came across this site and wish I had known about it years ago. I need help with Natwest. me and my wife have the following 4 accounts with them which defaulted in 2013. Bank Account 1 - overdraft limit was £3000.00 - receiving letters for over £5500. Bank Account 2 - overdraft limit was £1100.00 - balance know is over £1600.00 Joint Bank account - overdraft limit was £1500 - balance know is over £2200.00 Loan - balance was £450.00 - know is £650.00 My wife suffered depression after a miscarriage so wasn't get paid from work, things spira
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