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  1. Hello ayman, I have recently been trying to see if my loan was mis-sold. However, I was told as it was a broker lead, FirstPlus weren't to blame, and this was by the FOS. The FSCS won't look at it as it is a second charge on the house. Could you possibly reply with some quick details of your case against FirstPlus, and which solicitor you used please? Cheers,
  2. UPDATE... FOS says as it was a broker lead, FirstPlus didn't do anything wrong with the info they were given. Broker has ceased trading so it would be up to the FSCS to look in to the case. I tried, but as it happens, they don't deal with 2nd mortgages! So, I'm now stuck with a loan I believe was mis-sold and no one I can turn to for help. Great.
  3. However, reading the link to the FOS within my post it seems I shouldn't bother with them either?! So my situation is 1) Not enough free time or expertise to pursue this myself 2) Not enough money to let a solicitor pursue this 3) Not wanting to let a claims company pursue it, taking 25% of my money stings too much! and 4) Using the FOS who aren't really up to the job either. I am at a loss now...
  4. I've had no luck trying to find out information on this, without resorting to paying for advice, so am going to go through the FOS and see where that takes it.
  5. Hello all, I successfully claimed my PPI back from FirstPlus and am now looking in to the possibility that the entire loan was missold. I recently wrote to them outlining my issues, which were: • The mortgage was not suitable for me. • The adviser did not properly establish my attitude to risk. • I was not advised that there were other options, such as a DMP, that I could have pursued. •Your adviser did not give me examples of the cost of a Capital and Repayment mortgage compared to the lower costs of an Interest Only mortgage. •When remortgaging to consolidate my debts I was not advised that it would be cheaper for me to put all of my loans, credit cards and finance onto my existing mortgage rather than remortgaging. •I was not advised that by remortgaging I was exchanging my short term debts for a long term debt by adding it to my mortgage. It was not explained to me that although I would be lowering my monthly outgoings initially, I may well be lengthening the term of my debt and vastly increasing the amount of interest that I would be paying. Loan was originally for £51K over 25 years. I then received a phonecall from FirstPLus asking to reiterate my concerns, only to be told that based on my concerns and as my loan had be through a broker I needed to contact them (Compass), if they were still trading?!, to resolve my issue. When I successfully reclaimed all my PPI, which was brokered at the same time as the loan, I went straight to Firstplus who dealt with it directly. This all sounds a bit smoke and mirrors to me, so would appreciate any advice/info you could give. Cheers
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