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  1. Just received another letter from Parking Eye (see attached). This letter was actually sent to my son who is the registered keeper of this car, although my wife was driving at the time and has been the one that Parking Eye have been corresponding with until now. Is this just PE trying to get him to pay as my wife has refused to pay ? They say "..now been processed for further action", does this mean this is going to court ? Should I just ignore this ?
  2. Please disregard my previous note about STARS, now I see them (I am sure they were not there before !)
  3. Thanks, I will certainly do that. (NOTE: At the bottom of your post, it says "If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post ..." Your advice (and that of others) is certainly helpful, but I dont see any START ICON on which to click ?
  4. On returning from holiday, we had a further letter from Parking Eye dated 18th Feb, entitled "LETTER BEFORE COUNTY COURT CLAIM", in which they request payment of £100 within 14 days. They warn us that if payment is not made, then "... further action will be taken and court proceedings will be issued, which will incur a number of furtyher costs." I have therefore drafted the following letter, which I intend to send to PE in the next day of so. Any comments on wording before I send would be appreciated. Dear Parking Eye, With reference to your “LETTER BEFORE COUNTY COURT CLAIM” dated 18th Feb 2015. I write to inform you that we have now taken advice on this matter and that we shall not be making any payment. After spending 21 mins looking for a free space, I left without parking. There was no opportunity to consider, let alone enter into a contract, so no breach of contract could have occurred. I am therefore warning you that if this matter is taken to court, I fully intend to defend my case, and will be claiming costs, including, but not limited to my time plus any legal expenses incurred. Yours faithfully
  5. Following POPLA decision, I expect Parking Eye will send me a letter demanding payment of £100. Should I really just ignore this ? I don't want to get hassled with subsequent letters, phone calls and court papers. Should I not reply to Parking Eye making the following points : I have no intention of paying as I did not Park. As I did not park, I did not enter into any contract. I am now getting support and advice from members of the Consumer Action Group If this matter is taken to court, I will be claiming costs and expenses. I have been advised of a similar case that did end up in court and was rejected. Could such a letter help prevent further correspondence ? If so, any comments on which of the above points to make, or any other points I should make ?
  6. Thanks for all the advice. I will keep all correspondence, but ignore anything other than court papers. I will post update if it goes any further. What a geat service, I will make a donation!
  7. Thanks. This case was far more complex than ours, but it shows that we should have nothing to worry about.
  8. The "offence" was on 21st November and the first letter from Parking Eye was on 26th November.
  9. My wife entered a private pay and display car park in Blackpool, and drove around looking for a free space. After about 20 mins of waiting for a space to come free, she gave up and drove out. Some time later we received a parking fine for £100 (£60 if paid in 14 days). Their evidence was a photo of the car entering the carpark and leaving 21mins later. We obviously felt this entirely unjust as she never actually parked! We apealed in the first instance directly to Parking Eye, who rejected it and said we should appeal to POPLA if we wanted to take it further, which we did. We have just now received a rejection from POPLA saying that as there is proof that she spent 21mins on the car park, and that "it is more likely than not that the appellant deliberately stopped the vehicle for a significant length of time. This means that the appellant parked, whether or not they left the vehicle." They say that we must now pay £100 within 14 days to avoid any charges. We are furious about this and are determined not to pay for Not being able to park. Any ideas what we should do next?
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