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  1. They ask me for 3 months regularily, just had one yesterday for a rapid reclaim as I was working for an agency for 2.5 weeks and was subsequently let go. The requirements for JSA, ESA, Universal Credit is that you to have less than £5000 in the bank otherwise the payment will get reduced. If you have over £16,000 then you will get nothing. Therefore the reason they ask for fully itemised bank statement to assess your entitlement is invalid. You can filter your statement in many different ways with any online bank so only relevant information is provided, but the DWP say you are not allowed to use these filters and they want every detail. Why? It is understandable that they want to see incoming payments to see if you have any other income (job on the side or whatever), but what right have they to access your out goings. Where you shop, whether you have drunk alcohol recently in a bar, where you go out, the grocery store you use, maybe you are making regular cash withdrawals which might suggest drug use. This request for your personal private data is excessive and has nothing to do with assessing your claim. If they want to know what your rent is you can produce the lease etc (which they already have anyway). If you question them about it they tell you that you dont' need to apply for benefits if thats the way you feel, as if an unemployed person has any choice. I'm interested in hearing peoples opinions and experiences with this, thanks
  2. I have had to give several 3 month statements. The jobcenter will tell you that its in order for them to assess your claim. It's fair enough if they want to see incoming amounts incase you have extra incoming coming in, like a job on the side, but what reason do they have for seeing what you buy, in other words your out goings? Any online bank allows you to filter the statement yet the job center insists that you supply the full statement with all out goings and ingoings. They will know if you have been buying alcohol, where you go out, have you been traveling and bought rail tickets. Even looking to see if you have been making regular cash withdrawals to assess if you are potentially a drugs user. They'll even know where you buy your food. When you ask them they deny this and say that it is order to assess your entitlement. The guidelines for receiving Job Seekers, Universal Credit are clear; If you have between £5000 and £16000 in your account you will get a reduced amount. This information in other words has nothing to do with assessing your claim and is excessive. It is prying in to your personal life and your spending habits. We can provide house lease photocopies and print outs from our telephone/ internet provider website accounts if they really want a detailed look at our expenditure on essential bills. Hence their claim that it is to assess our claim makes no sense at all. Its a violation of your private life.
  3. thanks king, good reply. atleast there are somer decent helpful bloggers out there. Yes, and gumtree has a section for freebies to. Im fine though, i just rented a house on private sector and billed the council. Stung themselves in the bottom, landed up costing them more in the end. Point being most unemployed cant get anything on the prtivate sector, i am one of the lucky ones who knew a x-landlord who knew i was a good tenant
  4. My friend was street homeless about a year ago and the DWP made him sign on every day. There are no hard and fast rules to how the DWP will deal with you and will be situation dependent in many circumstances. I cant answer the question, lol, you'll have to phone the DWP. they have introduced 0345 numbers now which are standard rate from mobile. There is also a "0800 wizard" app for Google android operating system run mobiles, which will convert 0800 numbers to local rate on your mobile. Please be aware that numbers starting with "08", even "0800", may be chargable from your mobile, depending on the contract. If your unemployed and on a cheap contract, 0800 numbers are usually 50 p per min
  5. It will be in your lease the conditions or circumstances when the landlord should be able to enter your property. It is usually to do with emergency situations only; broken pipes, fire etc. It is unlikely the landlord will be able to evict you, even through the courts, inn the foreseeable future. Going to court is not a great strategy if you have savings, as you could shell out on lawyers fees at the end. If you do not, or your savings are low, this is the way go. There are various advice agencies. There are 3rd sector helplines like shelter but my experience of them was not good. There should also be advice centers connected to your local council and courts. In Edinburgh we have EHAP for court action, and the Advice-Shop is the advice section of the council. Obviously each case is situation dependant, but i would approach this confidently. You have a child so it will make it even more difficult. Your a long term tenant and the only reason you have fallen behind is due to work situation and councils incompetence. For example, my current housemate was paid 5000 pounds by his previous landlord to leave a property. His wife had just become pregnant at the time.
  6. I was told that if there was good reason to use this information by a lawyer, then it could very well be possible used in your defence. Whether the judge sees it in transcript form or listens to the recording himself is here nor there really
  7. I would record every meeting with them.... everything! Create a database of sound recordings and phone calls for every contact you have with a civil servant, it may serve you well. If you want to pursue them in court then this would be a great place to start. There's an app for most smart phones which will capture incoming calls, for samsung it is called the "galaxy recorder". Every smart phone has a sound recording device for meetings. ps do not tell them as they will terminate the interview. It is perfectly legal for personal reference and would stand up in the court of law
  8. I am merely trying to highlight a few things and add to the knowledge base of the services/ conditions/ treatment of individuals with in our country today. If I can learn from other bloggers then thats all the better. I am way past being angry. All of what I am adding to this discussion is from personal experience. Thanks for reinstating my thread, be nice to see a more bottoms up approach to the governance of the forum
  9. https://www.flickr.com/photos/124265710@N05/ heres a photo stream highlighting the inability of bureaucracies to admit to their mistakes. please feel free to post your opinion, unfortunately i will not be able to reply to your posts as giving my opinion will result in the thread being closed. The accommodation in question is a temporary accommodation guest house in edinburgh
  10. just confirms all of what i previously said then really doesnt it dont worry i have made a number of reports already, i was quick to utilise that function of the forum
  11. right ok then, ill make sure and put you on the list then i simply do not want reply to bigotry comments because it is me who pays for it at the end of the day when my thread gets closed down, my choice
  12. sorry, i dont block peoples threads, that admin, i suggest you to speak to them. Please find something more constructive to do than continue this ridiculous debate. Maybe some of the other threads have members more congenial to your tastes if i do not want to enter a discussion about who is paying taxes and who are the workers and who are the supposed scroungers in our society, then i have the right to say so. I can not force people to stop their bigotry behavior, but as long as I am still alive i will challenge it. you obviously have a problem with my stance
  13. i know you bureaucrats like to gang up and find some one from the feral underclass to pick on but not on my thread. find your own thanks have you analysed what happened in my previous threads then, i can pick out man instances where your admin team did not follow their own rules. difference between me and them is i am not trying to get them banned, i believe in freedom of speech,i just want them to go and hassle someone else
  14. look, do you mind finding another thread unless you have something to add think about it. thanks for your contribution you pointed to one thing i would like to contest; " free, reliable advice is available". This is something i have found untrue and again have gathered much evidence to the contrary; even CAB frequently come back with wrong answers; local council policy seems enshrined in a cloud of secrecy. They will try and trick and manipulate people into not getting there entitlement because there is simply not enough resources to go around. People have a problem with the word entitlement but it is a completely valid word used by the DWP and councils. Everyone has a different entitlement depending on personal circumstances.
  15. No sabresheep, not everyone on here is allowed a point of view. if your view strains away from the middle class bureaucratic point of view of the admin staff, you get your thread closed. Please refer to my previous threads. Now, while your on posting on my thread please be respectful, thank you! Obviously to much to ask As i said in the post (rainbow tears), i was offered alternative accommodation at the time through an acquaintance and only had a 2 day period to make a choice on the council property. This fell through, it was more a hesitation than a refusal. I was refused the right to meet my housing officer at the time, and refused the right to complain about the state of the place. You would think this would be a monumental time in a homeless persons life where he should get accesss to these resources in making this decision, why do they have housing officers otherwise. Instead i was constantly bullied by a woman down the phone who i had never met, into coming in and signing the property into my name with out having the right to put my views across. Regardless of how desperate and grateful people think i should have felt, i am a firm believer that homeless people have rights to, and they are not to blame for the shortage of housing. Its a socially engineered ploy to keep people desperate and competitive with in the capitalist system, so they will except exploitative working and housing conditions.
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