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  1. Quick update, after appealing the PCN using their process we have received a Parking Charge Notice - Cancellation letter. My other half is impressed, he said if it had been up to him he would have paid up and not questioned it. As a quick aside I did go into my local Asda, (not the one where they claimed that I was parked) and was told by the Security guys "nothing to do with us and anyway it's only one bloke who does all of the local car parks, he probably just forgot to switch the button to the right site!" - really helpful!!!! Thanks for all of your advice guys and gi
  2. Hi there Just a thought but does the date at the top of the application paperwork match the date they state on the POC as the date that the application was supposed to have been taken out (22/07/2009) ?
  3. Not an expert by any means but it appears to direct you to Condition 11 on the application but on the T & Cs they have only provided reference to 1 & 2?
  4. Thanks Silverfox - couldn't work out how to take is down. MRC
  5. Good morning Looking for some advice bout this company. My partner is the owner of my car but I drive it and use it for work..he has his own car. When I got home from work last night there was a letter from Smart Parking Ltd: Now, I know that I definitely did not use this store on this or any other date in the last 2 years. It is located at least 7 miles from me, across a very busy town centre (I have a large local ASDA about 2 minutes down the road from where we live so use that one). In addition, I would have been leaving work at about 5.15pm on a Monday and
  6. I emailed the court and asked them to confirm receipt of a Notice of Discontinuance by Weightmans/Cabot in my case and they answered confirming. At least it means that you have it in writing from NBCC as well MRC
  7. OK ..quick update. Received a letter yesterday from Cabot advising me that Marlin have now passed my account back to them and that I really should call them and sort out payment as they have been trying to resolve my problem for a while now. No mention of trying to take me to court and then discontinuing a month ago !!! I intend to ignore it unless they start to go back down the road to court again. I think that I read somewhere that they would have to have a different PoC from last time if they want to do that? The only thing that has changed is that they
  8. Just a quick question..have just checked my credit file (keeping an eye on it) and although Cabot have chosen to discontinue with the claim they have now added another £500 to the amount on my record for that loan, it's gone from £12,555 to £13, 065....are they allowed to do that? MRC
  9. They did the same to me and then transferred the account to Marlins
  10. Thanks Dx.. I'll keep a close eye on it just in case they try to sell it onto anyone else
  11. Yes.. there haven't been any markers on it for over 3 years until Cabot got bought it (which seemed strange as it kept getting passed around)
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