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  1. 1. Yes 2. No Do you think such claim has no prospect of success? I do not want to waste my time and money if such claim is not prosperous. That is why I need opinions. Thanks for your input.
  2. BRIEFLY The EPC given at the start of the Tenancy was E. Subsequent EPC demonstrated F. Property Description differs greatly between two EPC’s. The Property should never be E, it should never be rented and Tenancy would not be accepted, or even legally possible if true EPC was provided. Tenancy commenced in May 2020. The above is already confirmed by LGO and Landlord lost eviction claim, so proved in court too. Therefore, this fact is proven beyond any doubts. My question is : Do I have grounds to file misrepresentation claim, with damages, as if true EPC was given, Tenancy would not proceed. Landlord gained Tenancy over false EPC, regardless such being innocent, negligent or deliberate act. If any of members have legal understanding, please advise if this claim could proceed in county court. There are no case law on this. Thank you
  3. Landlord served invalid EPC before Tenancy. Trading Standards suggested misrepresentation claim but gave no details. Could this be filed in county court or magistrate court. Any suggestions
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