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  1. They have requested I pay £750 a month to reduce the balance, I currently pay £140, but never pay anything off, just keeps the card alive. To be honest they're doing me a favour, if they agree to £135 a month, stop interest and fees it will be cleared in 4yrs.
  2. Many thanks, sound advice as always. I'll send over a pro-rata letter with income and expenditure and see what transpires. Appreciate the help.
  3. Hello, can anyone help please? As part of new City regulators affordability rules I'm about to have my barclaycard (£6000 balance) taken away from me as I'm only meeting the monthly payments and never clearing down the balance. Barclaycard wrote to me and asked for £750 a month which is way out of reach on my income. Having been around this site for many years I'm very reluctant to speak to them, does anyone have any advice on how I should proceed here? This card is around 5yrs old and I'm committed to paying off the debt. Stopping the interest and agreeing a payment p
  4. Speaking to a few people most have NEVER had to inform a mortgage protection company that the mortgage has eneded and moved elsewhere, has anyone else had to tell the insurance company seperate? So you have a mortgage with Halifax, move to Barclays and its up to you to tell halifax insurance to stop? its always done automatically isn't it? Not related here, but got a few looking over bank statements at work currently!
  5. Had a reply from Cardiff Pinnacle this morning: Basically what they're saying is that the policy is 'portable' and does not automatically end when the mortgage is finished. The policy remains in force because we haven't informed them we wanted the policy camcelled.They also say that the company has been collecting the payment since 1997 and our bank statements would have said 'Pinnacle insurance' (This is incorrect, it actually says allis pins col) They go on to say previous cases with the financial ombudsman service say they consider a reasonable amount of time for customers to be a
  6. Thanks for that, we'll wait for the SAR to be answered.
  7. Had a reply from Cardiff Pinnacle which basically says its our fault: I can confirm that this policy is portable, meaning you would still be covered under this policy as long as you have a mortgage in place whether this is still with Alliance and Leicester or not. Please also be advised that we are a separate department from the mortgage department we are not advised when a mortgage redeems and it is your responsibilty to ensure the cover you have is correct. Not really sure what to do now....
  8. Thanks for that Lynn. When she spoke to them on Friday they did ackowledge that she had a policy with them, they're sending the information out to us, so we'll see what happens.
  9. Thanks bach, we'll do just that. Shes not disputing PPI at all, she DID take out the insurance on the mortgage, its the fact that shes been paying it for 13yrs after the mortgage has finished! Do we still send a SAR?
  10. Thanks for you advice. The original mortgage was with Alliance and Leicester, and insurance was taken out as part of that deal with Cardiff Pinnacle, possibly just Pinnacle insurance in those days, all dealt with in the branch. Can't recall any more information sadly.
  11. Afternoon all, I was wondering if someone can offer a bit of advice. My partner has recently contacted all her direct debit companies to inform them of change of date for being payed. Whilst going through the list she discovered that she's been paying £14 - £18 a month for what we believe to be PPI since 1996. She did take out the policy, but the mortgage in question was settled in 2000! The company in question are sending through details of the policy but I wondered where she stands, as shes been paying for something that was settled 13yrs ago! Its her fault no doubt abou
  12. I wonder is someone could help me, I’m not new to the site but a little rusty on process for dealing with such issues. I’m unable to post the agreement until next week when I’m back at work, but as soon as I get back I will. Basically capquest have sent me an agreement that I signed in 2000 for a store card with a credit limit of £1000. The current balance stands at £4000+ due to charges incurred. Now I’ve looked at my credit file and this isn’t on there, but I’m positive I paid something towards the account in 2008, so statute barred it isn’t. Can someone please advise on my next
  13. Just been told this is now stayed, so its sit and wait time Thanks to everyone who helped to get to this stage.
  14. Congratulations Shadow, just goes to show that being well prepared for court is a must, go in half-heartedly and you’ll struggle. Well done.
  15. Evening Shadow - Robinson way & company limited told me they are now responsible for my account in 11/2008, but thats all I've had from them thats gets anywhere near a NOA
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