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  1. Well after seeing I needed it in by 12. I rushed to get Andy's one in. did it at 00.01.01 I didn't manage to change points 2 and 5. Thank you so much guys for your help. Am I doomed?
  2. Thanks so much DX! which of the two should I be looking to send? In Andy's one, having read through it, all I could see to change was the date i sent my CRP request off. have I missed something?
  3. Paragraph 2 is not admitted with regards to the Defendant defaulting on payments and the Claimant is put to Is this part correct in my claim form? as it doesnt say anything about defaulting.
  4. I initially got the dates wrong! and now it seems I got the date wrong again. Panick and forget things. Thanks DX...
  5. even just a pointer would be helpful before i stress out completely!
  6. Can anyone help please? I'm struggling to be honest and running out of time.
  7. Hi guys, My defence is due tomorrow (6th Feb + 33 days). I've been looking around for a suitable defence but am struggling! and unning out of time. Any help or pointers in the right direction would be really helpful please!!! Many thanks
  8. thanks guys. I guess I need to start thinking about what defence I have?
  9. Hi guys, I received the following yesterday. In response to my CRP 31.14 request. Can anyone shed some light of what I should make of it? or indeed what to do next. Many thanks, Further to your correspondence dated 20 feb 15, the documents which you have requested at paragraphs 4 to 8 of the same are not referenced within the claimants particulars of claim and, as such, cannot be requested pursuant to civil procedure rule 31.14. in the event that you proceed to make an application under CPR 31.14 for disclosure of these documents, we hereby put you on notice that we
  10. I'm with you now Thanks for the heads up. Hard to stay focussed when something like this comes along and halts your progress. It's nice to know there's support so thank you so much.
  11. Many thanks for this advice Andy. I will send the letter off in the first instance and then try to figure out the best way forward....if indeed there is one
  12. Many thanks for clarification Andy. I've just acknowledged service and will send the letter out today. Any ideas what my next move should be? Is it worth calling and explaining my situation? that My income is very low. They would get £3-4 p/m max, and that id have to consider bankruptsy if this ccj stands as my chances of meaningful employment will be pretty much 0. Any realistic chance they would agree a plan with no ccj or be open to a low settlement? many thanks
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