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  1. Hi becky2585, I'm not in a union. The dishonesty allegation has been made by them regarding a grievance I made. My grievance was that they were agreed to waive there own request for an occupational health meeting in favour of a medical report from my psychiatrist. When the report was complete describing my PTSD symptoms they then said the report was irrelevant and I would still need to attend OH. I attended my grievance meeting and they did not show and they now accuse me of been dishonest for not attending and that they were on site but did not see me. I then raised another grievance over the way they conducted themselves up until the meeting with confusing letters - they would send out a letter with one date while the letter postage stamp would show another later date thus not allowing me time to respond to there deadline dates/times in time - they refused to hear my latter grievance claiming no true grounds of complaint. Hard work or what?
  2. Hi, I wondered if there was anyone who could give me some advice. I've been off ill from work for 19 months from PTSD after an incident at work. I've been asked to attend a disciplinary meeting for a dishonesty allegation made against me. They have said I can have a work companion at this meeting. I asked my employers if I can attend my work place to find a work companion to attend the meeting with me. I know a lot of people have left and I really don't know if anyone is still working there that I will know to ask. They have refused to let me go stating that my condition of anxiety and stress that I suffer that they do not believe it is prudent for me to attend and given me a deadline of 5pm today to reply if I will be accompanied or not. I've told them they're been unreasonable and it is important to me to be accompanied. Not sure what to do or how to reply, any ideas?
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