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  1. I've had it in dribs and drabs over the last month or so - some has come from Barber cars account and most came from Gurdip Virdi's account (Not involved with the business though huh? hmmm) He paid it directly into my account.
  2. I just thought I'd let everyone here know that I have finally got my £500 - it's only taken since January but I am aware that most of you haven't received a penny back so I thought I'd share with you how I got it back. Basically, I think he might be a sadist as I was just incredibly rude and nasty to him. I was calling him names (I never swore though) and I was generally a pain in his arse! I would email every other day, hounding him until I think he got fed up with me as I went through eBay so he couldn't not check his messages lol. Anyhow, I won't be pursuing him any further as I'm sick of the sight of his name on my computer screen... It's worth a go guys, get mean and nasty on his ass - he seems to respond well to it.
  3. Well Gurdip is still heavily involved with the business - I've been dealing yet again with their eBay account and have been told numerous times that Gurdip is dealing with my complaint etc. They are now under yet another name of 'Undernewmanagement' on eBay so be warned, they have far from stopped trading.
  4. Who else has heard the news that David Barber has been sentenced to 35 months in prison today? Also a guy called 'Peter' has also been sentenced to 230+ days and fined £20,000 BUT Gurdip Virdi seemingly has got away with everything! Apparently Gurdip looks like hes the guy behind it all but can't be linked to it all - that's odd because I did in fact get £100 of my £500 back from 'Dave' and when it appeared in my account - it had come from Gurdip Virdis bank account! Nothing to do with it all though huh? So, apparently now we have virtually no chance of ever getting any money back but from now on, once these two get out of prison, they'll be watched so that they can't do it again. Lets hope that is the case and I'm just grateful that i didn't give them any more of my money. I hope everyone who's been conned by these three (although gurdip getting away with it is not great) feel some sort of justice has been done today x
  5. That's what I was thinking! Surely enough of us can go and pi*s him off and ruin his trading? I told him that I'd do that and he told me that he'd have beefy security there to remove me and that he'd pay a smackhead £50 to 'do me in!' Nice guy huh...
  6. Yep - I went through this 6 years ago with a dodgy car dealer in Essex, Sent him the letters, took him to court - I won yet he still never paid a penny. I'm guessing that David Barber - who ever he is, is he the short bald guy or the young guy who only ever talks on the phone? Who knows but I'm sure they are all well aware that they just need to ignore it and it will go away because legally we don't have a leg to stand on. It's the sheer arrogance that gets me really riled up.
  7. Sooner rather than later I hope! I've been advised to write to him to advise him that he was in breach of his contract .... as if he doesn't already know that! The whole system is a joke.
  8. Oh I will be, as well as any other way I can make sure they don't do it to anyone else. They couldn't lie straight in bed! I don't think 'dave' even knows who he really is anymore!
  9. I had no issues with a guy supposedly called Dave either yet I have learnt today that he is apparently the owner and will appear all teary eyed in order to get you off the pitch... they're all bad
  10. The person that we actually saw was short and had a shaved head and was apparently called 'Dave' The guy on the phone was called Tarquin but now he's admitted that his name is Dave but the other dave is the owner and not him.. .. why was he taking the calls then I asked and he said oh cos dave is a bit thick.. Oh my word - I've had a complete nightmare with him this morning. I don't think he does know who he really is or who David barber is... Surely he can't be registered with ebay as Dave baber when that's not his real name? Not that he cares what his name is... I was threatened with a 'nasty smackhead who'll do me in for £50'
  11. Oh it just never ends does it - I've just been on the phone with 'David Barber' - he's going to sue me for loss of earnings because as i was there demanding my money back, two customers walked off the pitch and now the discovery I was going to buy - no one wants it. So that's my fault and he's going to sue me for that! He's told me that he didn't own midlands elite, conventree carz or longford park motors - this is a new owner and he's having his days ruined by you lot who all hate him and want to see him suffer! He's got a right martyr complex. Oh and also, he told me that I can stand outside his pitch but he'll have beefy security waiting to 'deal with me' He's told me that the old businesses have nothing to do with him - he's a spoofer and I would ask anyone to avoid him and yes, do research before buying a car from anymore....
  12. Thank you, I'm just waiting to hear from husband that it was in fact a card payment and not a bank transfer. After reading all of these posts, I am glad that we didn't buy the car and that it was only £500 that we lost - it could have been a lot more... The car that we were going to buy is still on eBay, they have no shame.
  13. Just so you all know - they're still up to no good! On eBay as newyearnewcar New message from: newyearnewcar Coventry Cars 99 Longford Road Opposite Longford Park Coventry West Midlands CV6 6DY United Kingdom +44.(0)7522.065053 What's this all about? Business seller information Christmast Cars Dave Babar 99 Longford Road Coventry West Midlands CV66DY United Kingdom Phone:07522|065053 Email:davebabar1@gmail.com VAT number: UK 152 5357 18
  14. Oh he seems to be in the habit of doing that... told us that we ruined his week by not buying the car!
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