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  1. Is it true Royal Mail charges the sender if letters are being sent to a wrong address?
  2. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to visit one of their branches because of work. I have been thinking to resolve their issue through the customer services team to inform them of this problem. Thanks anyways.
  3. When I first receiving these letters I used shredders. But when the quantity of letters increased, I decided to return them to the postbox. The shredder did not work for me.
  4. This problem started since I moved into my new house in July 2013. Different people/organisation have sent letters to my address for former occupiers which is now stopping since I returned them to the postbox, but there is one which hasn't stopped. The problem is from Specsavers who have sending post at my address for a former occupier who used to live at my address and still is still persisting. I haven't opened these all letters as it is against the law. Overall, Specsavers sent around 7 letters to the same person and I have been sending it back to t
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