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  1. Hi S's apologies however please feel free to view my sent messages and all was included was the said email.
  2. All been quiet on this. NatWest gone quiet. Until today a letter from natwest with a new complaint reference number "Thank you for contacting us about your complaint. I am sorry to hear you are unhappy with our service. We have recorded your complaint and our investigation are ongoing. We will be in touch with you with you within the next four weeks to update you on the progress we've made so far if we have not been able to resolve your complaint" Signed off by Personal collections complaint team
  3. Hi jazzy, Apologies if you find this intrusive PM me and I have an email for a contact in Brighthouse and he's emailed me today so I know he will receive it and I'll prompt him to action something as it appears you have enough to deal with. JASON sort the store staff out. It's all well and good head office being empathetic when stores do this. I've been assured further training is being implemented to retail staff I suggest you start with this store. You can't make people feel like this!!!!!
  4. I feel it's only fair I provide a fair update. Since disclosing the clip less than 72 hours ago this has been resolved more than satisfactory. I suppose I didn't allow them enough time for a thorough investigation however the blackmail comment did flare up the situation. The senior staff at Brighthouse have reassured me they do have morals and have aceepted this rogue clip and promptly implemented new procedures. I must thank Gary MCKENZIE and Grace customer relations as they have been my two customer facing contacts. This I belive is an isolated incident, and they acc
  5. That is a snap of the recording I have emailed the full clip over to you.
  6. Litigation advice. Reason for claim to submit on MCOL the defendant has breaced their obligations under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. They have also breached the consumer credit act 1974. Full particulars of Claim will follow
  7. Would you not be frustrated after being told if you don't pay we will smash your door down, three weeks later they are demanding payment yet no goods been delivered. Then they threaten to come to my home and do a payment review. Yes I was frustrated If anyone would like to hear the clip. Feel free to message me. Site team any way you can flag this to the Brighthouse rep on here please The official complaint process resulted in me being accused of blackmail That is exactly my next move aswell as litigation I have no faith in the fos
  8. The address for any sort of litigation will be our Head Office address which I will provide. * In reference to the implication of blackmail. What I said was we need to consider that in how we offer any sort of redress , I did not say or imply that this was what you were intention was. Unfortunately you chose to terminate the call before we could discuss the situation any further. I accept that you appeared frustrated with the call , however I am still happy to discuss further if you want to me to call you back and try and find a suitable resolution. I will respect you wish not to co
  9. They are just as bad from the top down. They offered 100 compensation for all this distress and failure to deliver and being threatened to have my DOOR SMASHED IN IF I DIDN'T PAY. I expressed I was unhappy with the resolution, he replied and asked what would I consider a fair outcome. I replied and said the sofa that was originally purchased to be told that I was blackmailing them. At which point the call was terminated.
  10. I'm not the best for advice as I've had a lot of support from this site. Have you issued a letter before action? Have you sent a subject access request if not do that today.
  11. There rep is lying then as I have the evidence. The customer service director said on phone me me we have a lot of hearsay complaints he said that etc but this is a prime example of how the one rogue slipped through the net
  12. The audio was recorded instore at the time of signing the contracts. This was a member of staff reinforcing the way brighthouse works. They know there dealing and this is being released today at 4pm
  13. After 4 pm tomorrow if they don't comply to an agreement made with Gary MCKENZIE today. I have agreed to withhold the clip from any public forum until then. However it includes a staff member saying if you don't pay we'll come to your house and take the goods anyway possible after all we have the right to repossession. If you don't pay we will hound you.
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