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  1. Hi No we're not the same person. In fact I'm somewhat aggrieved that my thread has been hijacked! So i had a look at the letter before action link but it looked to be about making a claim. I've also googled letter before action and it looks a little complicated. Is there a guide available here to help out with compiling the letter? For some time i just wanted the issue resolved but now i really want to take vodafone to court! Can i still take them to court if they resolve this now? My wife is absolutely distraught. And she has a heart problem so I'm royally peeved at this point! Cheers.
  2. Hi again. Have to laugh at this point. I think this thing has reappeared on my wife's credit history. It definitely has with Noddle as we've checked that one. Once again it was an attempt to get some credit that alerted us. Unfortunately it is credit for work that has been done on the house which puts us in a very difficult position. Would very much appreciate some help here. Again. Lee? Are you out there? I have a massive bill to pay out of my current account as things stand so I'd really appreciate a rapid response here. Cheers.
  3. Hi My wife and i got a new phone for our son for his birthday. We got it from carphone warehouse on their iD network. We were told in the shop that the contract would be limited to £5 above the monthly contract amount. Several days after he started using the phone the service stopped completely. We were not notified as to why. We had to first examine the handset to establish usage and second contact iD customer support. The whole reason we rushed to get a phone was because we were going on holiday and our son was flying out to meet us after the first week so we really needed him to have a working phone. I emailed iD impressing upon them the urgency of our plight but their response was late and worthless. I examined the handset and the usage statistics suggested a lot of data use. In the region of 5 gigabytes! Now our son is fairly tech savvy but he is only twelve. Still, he jelously guards his 3g allocation and is very careful about making sure he uses the house broadband when at home. He had not taken the phone out of the house at all since he got it and he insisted that he had checked to make sure he was using wireless and not 3g. I realize you cant fully trust a twelve-year-old when they think they've done something wrong. Just including this for completeness. So we went on holiday still not knowing if the phone would work. I only had the facts of the matter confirmed while we were travelling through Spain. We were on our way to pick our son up from Malaga airport. I actually managed to get through to iD and they told me our son had accumulated a bill of £138 pounds over the contract payment. Now it's all a bit of a blur but i think i told the person on the phone that i wanted to cancel the contract and it was within fourteen days but i think she said i'd have to apply in writing or something. We were in the middle Now my wife left the carphone warehouse shop with the understanding that we were getting a contract that was limited to £5 overspend so that was a shock. When we got back (On the 29th of june) i made a writted complaint to carphone warehouse. Yesterday(29th of july) i received a response. It said that we were infact on a contract that was limited to £75 and that the charge of £138 was a mistake. They said we would get a refund of £75 and said they were prepared to discuss switching to the contract that we were supposed to get in the first place. So I've set the data limit on the handset so that can't happen again but I'd really like to get the rest of the money back as they have definitely mis sold us the contract we are currently on. Anyway i just thought i'd add my own experience here. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated.
  4. Hi This seems to be resolved now. Thanks again to Lee for sorting it out. Cheers.
  5. Hi Has anything happened with this? Not sure if my fiancee has missed an email or if no one has got back to her. Hope this gets resolved soon as it is now in danger of derailing our wedding plans!
  6. Hi again I've not heard anything from the various avenues of communication i have tried so i decided to kick the process off from the start again. Here's my ref 9931590 Lol!
  7. Hi I tried the email address from the last communication we had with Lee but I got a response back saying it is not used anymore. Then I tried the directorsupport email and got a reply back saying i don't have an open complaint and should go to the vodafone help centre. I've called the help line before and been told vodafone dont have a complaints department so that's a nonstarter. I've just opened a live chat window and the wait time is 30 minutes! So it looks like I'm back to square one. Truly appalling customer service! Just about to start the whole process again. Can this thread's status be changed back to unresolved? I should say that vodafone pitched the removal of the default as a gesture of goodwill which suggests they feel there was no wrongdoing on their part. However, my fiancee feels that this situation came about as a result of misinformation and gross mismanagement on the part of vodafone. Is this a tactic they use to deflect potential legal action? I'd like to know if anyone out there has any experience of this as we are being advised by various people - including my own legal representative - to gather evidence with a view to seeking compensation. The main problem - as i'm sure many of you are aware - is that the various declined credit applications made during the time that we were unaware of the default have caused long term damage to my fiancee's credit rating and therefore to our quality of life.
  8. Hi So something unexpected happened. We looked into getting a loan again. Long story short we couldn't because to turns out the afore mentioned default has only been removed from Experian; it still exists on Equifax! Not sure how to proceed here. I still have all the emails that relate to this but the From addresses look a bit generic. Not sure it's worth replying to them after this much time. Anyone had this experience? Could do with some advice before i do anything.
  9. Yes the default has been removed. I don't think we have lost out financially. We were just not able to progress with anything while that default was there. So I'd say we're just happy that the situation is resolved.
  10. Hi Just wanted to say that this problem was resolved very quickly once Lee became involved. This was a huge issue for us and we are very grateful. Thank you Lee.
  11. Hi Seems a common complaint but just thought I'd add my voice and seek advice. Stop me if you've heard this one. My fiancee left her vodafone contract early due to extortionate billing and general incompetence. She payed the agreed settlement figure. Then vodafone billed her for another small payment. Around £30. She then entered into a dispute with them over this extra payment. She was unaware that vodafone had registered a default with the credit reference agency until she tried to get credit. She complained to vodafone. No joy. In the end she agreed to pay the amount on the condition that the default would be removed from her credit history. Vodafone agreed to this. She payed. Her credit history remains unchanged. I have taken over dealing with this as it has got to a stage where it is causing her serious emotional distress. I contacted the CEO Office. They asked for some details. I provided them. I received no response. I contacted the CEO office again and stated that if they did not intend to resolve the situation i would require transcripts of any conversations they had with my fiancee. No response. Then they phoned my fiancee and said that they would have to fill out a form and send it to the credit reference agency. They said it is the credit reference agency's responsibility to rectify the situation. That's the story so far. I cant believe it! Her credit score is way higher than mine. It's 990 plus! But because of this thing with vodafone we cant do anything that requires money. We cant travel, buy a car, remortgage either of our houses jointly, get married, or even open a new bank account as we discovered today! I hope I've been doing the right things to try and get this sorted out but i don't really know. I thought that if you asked for transcripts they would have to provide them under freedom of information or something? It's a whole new experience. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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