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  1. Ok no worries I have a friend who has also experienced bad experience with this company It's a shame companies if you can call them that can still operate like this for many years Seems they know what they are doing in two things only How to con people out of money And how to get away scot free Why is it this can be done to innocent people who have saved and worked hard for their own businesses only to be ripped off by people like them ?!?!,!? Any advise how to stop them from carrying on doing this Seems to me as soon as they are getting caught with
  2. Be warned this company used to trade under the company name packlyn limited which has now gone under I believe The father started the business in the 80's and if had been bankrupted few times over and other similar named companies had been started up for the son to take over and run to the ground Now they ditched and set up this luxury bag and box company only to go the same Con people of monies and supply bags that clients have paid deposits for Pm me billy
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