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  1. Have attached what l got back from HSBC relating to the PPI, looking at it looks like l only recived the PPI and not the life insurance ?
  2. Yes l got the full ppi back, Sorry whats ASU ?
  3. Also I noticed on the personal loan agreement the loan (see attachments) was taken out in april 2003 but the person who signed on behalf of HFC signed on 9/4/04 a year later after the loan started. Can l dispute this as well
  4. Thanks for your help do l write back them stating that they have not provided the full CCA
  5. Claimed the ppi back last year. 1st credit did not send any T&C in the CCA request
  6. Hi Andy Hopefully I have done it correct thank you for your help, first time l have posted on this site
  7. Hello, I requested a CCA from 1 st Credit ( an old HFC loan ) taken out in 2003 I have attached the docs they sent me and the letter of their response - in their view they have fully complied I'm not to sure if they have fully complied with CCA please can somebody have a look at what they sent? One thing l do find strange is that the loan statement comes from HSBC HSBC have never own the loan – the only time l was in contact with HSBC was to claim back the PPI which they had taken this on from HFC l have requested from HSBC any information on this loan and they have told me that they have forward it on to HFC Any help/advice appreciated!
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