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  1. Tnx a lot Oleg. I used to live in Dubai. They took my passport copy and company visa copy (the passport expired, have a new one one and visa is not valid any more). They never bothered taking my PO box, they just asked my building name and apt number, even though as per the contract they had to ask water and electricity bill and some other things to prove that I lived there. The whole process of an account opening was done very poorly, and they can't be right. And since they said they would use T&C to ask us to pay something that was mostly their fault, then I decided to fight back in the same way. Anyway, they will contact me over the email and I will do what UB suggested. No admitting, asking all documents to be shown related to my contract and my transactions. Thank you very much. Will be updating as it goes, maybe it will help somebody else.
  2. Thank you very much for a valuable information, will do as suggested if the worst comes to the worst. Regarding the Middle East, I know their way of handling ceques or debt, even knew some people that were arrested 6 years after leaving the country for the first time because they didn't pay the last month mobile before leaving the country. Luckily, justa couple of hundered pounds and they were set free But, this is not related to them whatsoever so they don't really care. Thank yuo all very much. Will be updating as it goes, maybe it will help somebody else. And the webpage really deserves to be donated, will do that ASAP
  3. UncleB, thank you very much for quick replay. I never submitted any other address other than the Middle Eastern one, so they cannot send it somewhere in the UK and go to court behind my back. Basically, I have changed everything (job, country, phone...) since I opened that account except my private email account. Regarding the contract, T&C were not part of it, the contract was just referring to the T&c. But the page that clearly said that people currently residing in the following countries need to submit minimum 3 out of 6 documents from the list was there and I have it. And they opened my account even though I provided only 1 documents from the list. So, I think the best thing is to wait till they finish the process, then they will start sending emails to people demanding to pay whatever amount they will come with (since they said possible changes might occur, not for the better I reckon). As soon I received an email, will replay asking to provide me the full details of what they think I own them, term and conditions that give them the right to claim the debt, deny any debt on my name, notify them that even though account was opened in the Middle East, I am no longer there but moved back to Slovakia. As well, will send all details about documents required but never submitted for account opening. Does anybody know the process of debt selling to the debt agencies? How long they need to wait before selling my debt? If I deny it over email/letter, can they still sell it since they are hired by High Court of Justice, or they have to win a case on court before being able to sell it. I would like to avoid that in any case. Cheers
  4. Hi to all, it is my first post to this forum since and I would like to thank in advance for your help. Recently, last January got myself in trouble with one of the Forex broker companies. The price on one of the pairs went down a lot and caused a lot of people to have negative balance on their account. I was one of the unfortunate ones, having woken up with -50k GBP on my trading balance (invested just few, since I don't have a lot of money). Next day the company went into insolvency due to poor risk management, etc... and huge negative balance (30+ million pounds) and a company hired by High Court of Justice have taken over to deal with the insolvency process. While most of the Forex companies are forgiving the negative balance, they say that they will not do that and everybody is expected to cover their balance. They are still looking over all clients accounts and once they are done, they will send an email to everybody in the next few weeks, with their current balance, giving money to those that have positive accounts and asking to pay from others that have negative balance. Now, I am not willing to give them full amount since I don't think it is only my problem, they should have reacted better as well, but their risk management were poor and now they are trying to put blame on customers. But, ... After they sent an email that I should pay, I heard if I ignored it after two weeks they can sell my debt to a debt collectors agency. And I would like to try to avoid that. What are my options? To send an email that I disagree with their balance? Do I need to give some reasons, or simply saying I disagree is enough? In that case they have to take me to court to prove that negative balance is accurate, is that so? Since I am not resident of the UK, but Slovakia, and I have never lived in the UK, the court they have to raise a complaint would be in the UK or in Slovakia? As well, at the time of opening of my account I lived in the Middle East. Since they had their office over there, I was contacted my that office to sort out papers required for an account. In the end, I got my account with them without providing half of the required documents for opening an account. Is it a valid point to use that argument and claim that my contract and everything else (negative balance) are not valid, even though I traded with it (never withdrew any money from it though.), since the contractual requirement were not fulfilled at the first place. Any advice is a great help. Cheers, idiom
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