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  1. once again i am grateful for replies and will wait for phone call or letter
  2. thank you for such a speedy reply but the problem is, he thought he should have been given notice of this tupe but he did not know anything about this till he got a phone call today that the site had already been taken over without his knowledge and when and how will he get his SSP etc.
  3. My husband who has worked for the same security company for 10 years has had a phone call today from his supervisor who asked him has he received a letter off his new employer with regards to the site he has been working at has already been tuped over. my husband has been off sick since early december with an infection and matters relating to chemotherapy due to prostate cancer. he told the supervisor this is the first he's heard of anything and the supervisor said he would call back after speaking to the new employer. my husband is at a loss over what to say about his employment rights and what is in his best interests when his supervisor phones back. Please could anyone help with regards to this regards junes0000
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