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  1. Ericsbrother If I had the opportunity at the time I would have argued the value on the Court claim, however this wouldn't have changed by a significant amount. So asking for it to be set aside is probably not going to end this in the long run. No we don't owe any money to the business. We have a good set of books and records. No account filed as of yet. The company is still 'active' on companies house and has not been dissolved. We only received the Notice of enforcement a few days ago. What makes you think they can force entry into a domestic property?
  2. Unclebulgaria There are no other creditors. Just this one. There is nothing to take. No computers, no stock or machinery. All we have is a lever arch file with paperwork in.
  3. Dx100uk There is no personal guarantee. We don't have a copy of the CCJ. The first we knew about it was the notice of enforcement. The notice of enforcement is in the name of the company. Andyorch On what grounds n245 over n244?
  4. My wife and I have received a Notice of Enforcement from Andrew Wilson and Co. High Court Enforcement. The notice is addressed to a limited company who's registered office is at our home address. The notice is in relation to a CCJ that the company received back in March for a supplier debt of approximately £5500. We were unaware of the court proceeding as at the time the company registered office was at a formations company office and to cut a long story short we were not receiving mail at this time. We did not submit a AOS and as a result the supplier received a default judgement. The company in question has all but ceased trading and has no funds in the bank and has no stock or assets. My wife and I are not currently able to settle this debt and are both worried sick that the bailiff will attend our home and force entry to seize goods. Can anyone be kind enough to help us see a way forward with this?Many thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks, can you possibly suggest how this should be worded so that I don't cause myself any further problems?
  6. Yes. I phoned the court but was told it wouldn't be possible to vacate due to a holiday. As the hearing is on Friday I figure settling before this date would at least save me their further costs for a trip to court.
  7. Unable to attend the hearing so I will lose. Might as well save on paying their costs.
  8. Can anyone point me in the direction of an appropriate email/letter template to make an offer of settlement without the need to go to court?
  9. Information for SAR came back today. Dates back some 20 Years. What should I be looking for to enable us to possibly make a claim against the original lender?
  10. Thanks. I have found the template. I will be sure to make the changes and enclose copies of the documents you mention.
  11. The hearing is on the 6th July, is there anyway to delay this?
  12. Thanks, Both Sabre and Andy. I will send off the SAR today. Do you have any idea what sort of timescale to get anything back?
  13. Total Claim is 10300. There would be loads of charges/fees/penalties etc..... However we dont have any statments, and this was transferred from Barclaycard to DCA 2009/2010 so they likelyhood of getting anypaperwork from them is slim. Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. Sadly it was not statue barred
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