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  1. hello all, this is a bit wierd, barclaycard sold my debt with them to link in 2015, unaware i kept paying to link , then i found your forum and requested a cca from link and barclaycard neither could produce anything as such barclaycard said the debt was unenforceable, in 2017 i stopped paying link,, well barclaycard just informed me of a rebate for default charges,,, this rebate has now been paid to link,,,,, will this now restart the clock,,, and why would barclaycard pay this money to link when i have no ties to them since 2015,,
  2. hi just a question, barclaycard v link, barclaycard say unenforcable, link cant seem to accept this, neither have a cca , ,link have just last month, defaulted me on my cra, are they allowed to do this i thought only the original creditor could default me, ,thanks
  3. point taken..thanks for your advice,
  4. hello again, i have now had a reply back from link,, taken six months, they say sorry been communicating with barclaycard about the cca request,and enclosed a letter from barclaycard stating they have no documentation on my account and so it is unenforceable Link say to carry on paying instalment s i suppose they would say that,, should i ignore them ,, thanks
  5. thanks for the info,,,should I remind plink that it in dispute and they cant apply any charges or fees,thanks
  6. hello, need your advice please, I have not had a response from link since I sent cca request 5 months ago, just today received a letter from them stating they will issue a default notice if I do not make a payment to them by the 27th this month, can they issue a default on my account , I thought only the original creditor could issue a default, the account was assigned to link 3years ago I had been paying them until December just gone, but stopped when I made the cca request,, should I remind them about the request or not,,,, ,sorry meant to say bcard never defaulted the account....thank you,
  7. hello, sent cca request to link in december not had a reply from them regarding the cca request, i know the postal order was cashed as it came off my balance..still getting monthly statements from them ,,do i need to remind them of my cca request or ignore them ,,thank you,
  8. ok thanks for your help, i will let you know of any progress.
  9. hello all, sent off cca request it has now been nearly 3 weeks and not had a reply,the postal order was cashed by link but was taken off the debt, should i sent a follow up letter or leave it up to them,,
  10. thank you,i shall do it today, will let you know the outcome,
  11. i know i been dragging my heels,sorry,do i send cca to barclaycard or link,what if i actually owe this money?
  12. good morning, i am currently paying link financial £40 pounds a month on a barclaycard debt i have been paying this for three years i now owe £3800 . they have sent me an income and expenditure form,, my question is do i have to declare my wifes income we are both pensioners . .state pension, but she gets disability allowance, as this is my debt i dont see why i should let them know of her disability income, if they get to demanding should i ask for a cca from them, the barclaycard in question was taken out about 20 years ago. thank you.
  13. HI dx, not ignoring your advice I thought I had to wait until asset link notified me before taking action, also I don't believe I have any charges owed to me ,i never had ppi or late payment charges, i was paying the minimum repayment for a couple of years so interest was added to the outstanding amount but I don't think that's reclaimable.
  14. Hello, been paying Barclaycard back at a reduced rate with no intrest added for about 5 years, they have now sold the debt to link5, what I would like to know is can link5 now start to introduce intrest as it is no longer barclaycards debt cheers,... ..I have had these cards for about 20 years should I keep paying link5 or try to get away with paying by seeking a cca? bit green on this subject thanks.
  15. if I contact Barclaycard for a cca and they cant come up with anything, does that mean I can ignore anything fron asset link. hi I am asking Barclaycard for a CCA on my Barclay cards am I correct I need to state section 78
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