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  1. Many thanks I was worried that as I had no contract the courts would not entertain it. I will start the process now I know I have a legal right to do so. Sincere thanks again to your forum and members for free legal advice.
  2. Thank you andyorch. So the fact we have no proof of original offer of compensation makes no difference contractually? We have evidence via their correspondence with insurance company but none direct to us as it technically never happened.
  3. Good evening granymede. Thanks for your reply. Historical reasons relating to the claim and in addition the SAR shows that the insurance company stated they had to pay compensation for delays and accommodation (they flooded our home and didn't return) and the contractor lied and informed them he had paid us £1000 to cover this. He never did and continued this lie for 4 years and even used it no negotiate a lower recovery rate. However, he never did offer this, although we were out of pocket and inconvenienced but I never persued back then but reading the SAR and solicitors emails he relie
  4. Apologies I have another question. The claimant had not informed the court but I submitted their discontinuance which ended the claim. My current question is this. Via the SAR (which they never responded) but the insurance company did I discovered that they sought recovery for monies for poor workmanship from the builder in December 2014. This dispute had gone on since my claim with a lot of to and fro. The builder disputed certain elements which is why they sued me and my wife for that value. As part of all the to and fro they gaine
  5. Will do many thanks and once this is officially over will donate to this site who have been more useful than the sol who charged a fortune to advise send a SAR and defend saying "defend what? Need information". Thanks to you and team again. I've probably been asking MCOL not local court!
  6. Will do thanks andyorch. I'm hoping its just an admin catch up and worrying unnecessarily when it's not catching up. My worry is that my defence relies on the insurance company who were responsible for payment won't get involved as its a "private dispute for none insured works" . I can't get anyone to see further that I never had uninsured works nor have the faintest idea what this 942.50 debt is for. I
  7. No not local court but MCOL as there has been no local court transfer, it hadn't got to that stage and I and the claimant haven't to my knowledge completed the N180. Their reply is a direct copy of email. I'm worried perhaps unnecessarily that when I replied saying I wanted to proceed with the SAR they thought stuff him I won't discontinue. The courts are behind but it seems strange they haven't received discontinuance 20 days later. I'm hoping its a case of catch up as you say but the courts said yesterday (MCOL) that they should have processed b
  8. Thank you will complete now and post with the discontinuance. What happens if they don't file the discontinuance. I m worried it was valid only in my dropping the SAR. Ie if you drop the SAR I will discontinue as the emal says Dear Mr I have received your Subject Access Request and have not yet processed your cheque. See attached and inform if you wish to continue with this request. I expect a reply within a reasonable timescale. Regards Xxxxx I replied that yes I expected compliance with the SAR within 40 days of receipt (signed 19th of January). I fear t
  9. 4th February on disc. Allocation docs was 5th feb to file by 24th feb.
  10. As of yesterday the court have not received it but said there is a backlog. I received the email on 4th February. However the email is relating to my SAR it was just "see attached". The attached was the discontinuance. I'm worried I should have completed the N180 and that it will go against me, but if I complete and post tomorrow will only be a few days late.
  11. Yes I asked for a SAR from the claimant when I received the claim form and the insurer in the knowledge that whatever it was for was insured. No work was performed that was outside the insurance. The SAR was to assist my defence when I found out whatever it was alleged. No receipt from either on this but within 40 days (due Monday). They emailed me a completed and signed discontinuance form which I have. I don't need the SAR for that document I have it emailed.
  12. Thank you citizenB I'm so overwhelmed by this situation and until now would never have believed it was possible to issue a claim in this way. I'm very wary of this discontinuance but the MCOL court said that they are behind and that the allocation request was an automatic process following my intent to defend, I just assumed I had to do nothing. However, it's been weeks and MCOL still hasn't updated saying discontinued.
  13. Yes I have a copy it's in my email. It's an n279 form. Sorry for the confusion I have not attempted to attach here on this forum. I intended to say (badly in seems) that they emailed me regarding my SAR request and when acknowledging my SAR said see attached. The attachment was the n279 form. However, I have since received the allocation notice and the court has no record of the discontinuance nor does it appear online with MCOL. The date for the N180 is today. I've never been in this position so am worried I shoykd have completed it.
  14. I received a MCOL claim from a contractor the insurance company instructed to work at my property over 4 years ago. The POC stated a value only and interest from the date. There was no LBA, no request for any payment prior and no details as to what this amount was for. I duly contacted them and they replied to use the courts process and that they would not be corresponding further. I then contacted the insurance company who had no idea. they refused to engage with them other than saying it was a private matter and not related to them. I acknowledged
  15. Thank you, I think it's a none starter. I thought there may be a case due to unreasonable behaviour and or because they discontinued before allocation therefore not SCT as prior to allocation. Just not sure what they would use as a requirement for unreasonable behaviourc
  16. Is it possible to claim costs for admin, time, reproduction of financial records and data requests if discontinued before allocation to SCC? Also would no contact prior to starting the claimi relating to a claimed debt almost 6 years ago, refusing to engage post claiming, and refusing to say what the debt was for count as unreasonable behaviour? I literally just got a value and no other particulars of claim and they refused all corrospondence and lied to the insurance company saying it was a separate claim. They withdrew when they saw my defence sa
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