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  1. UPDATE: Just checked my company email address, and it is no longer valid so it would seem I've been deleted from the company mail server...all this and I've not had the disciplinary hearing yet. Does this mean I can push forward with an unfair dismissal claim?
  2. Hi ericsbrother, Only myself and the managing director - of those, only I am not involved in the fraud... Shareholders hold 80, 10 and 10 per cent each (MD holds 10%) - I don't believe the other shareholder is involved, certainly doesn't know the extent of the fraud.
  3. Hi there, Thanks for the reply. Despite reading many, many web pages, I'm still unclear as to who a companion can be (I'm not a member of a union). Ideally, I'd like to take someone I have done small amounts of work for in the past (this is completely unrelated to my employer) - they have actually chaired disciplinary hearings and would have a very good idea of how things should be done. I guess I should advise my employer who I'd like to be accompanying me as soon as I get the notification and play it from there?
  4. Hi there, I'm a company director (no shares), and discovered late last year that the MD and majority shareholder were committing fraud (fraudulent invoices from ghost employees, tax evasion) for financial gain. Over teh Christmas break I grabbed all the books and now have concrete evidence. I have notified the police who advised me to call the HMRC hotline - this was done back on 29/12/14 and I'm still waiting to hear back from them. Returning to work on Jan 5th, I confronted the MD and shareholder, and they put me on garden leave. A letter from their solicitor the following day
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