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  1. I got a confusing response from the DVLA. Here are some excepts:(exactly as it is written in their letter) "Under section 29 of the vehicle excise and registration act 1994 it is an offence for a vehicle to be unlicensed without a Statutory Declaration in force. As a result of a vehicle being seen unlicensed as the registered keeper of the vehicle you are liable for the amount of time the vehicle has been unlicensed whilst in your possession. In response to the above you have stated that the vehicle(...reg number given) was being used on trade plates as it was undergoing repairs.
  2. Many thanks for responses. I unerstan that the plates may not have been mounted exactly as specified but will this affect the exemption that the trade plates offer?
  3. Hello all I am new to the site and was looking for advice on this matter. I am a motor trader and was using a vehicle with valid trade plates displayed. For some reason it was picked up by a camera as 'untaxed' The DVLA sent a letter asking for a fine, to which I replied explaining that the vehicle was using trade plates. They do not seem to have received my response and have now taken the matter to court. I have now written to them again but they have not yet responded. My problem is that the court date is approaching and I am now not sure what to do. Does anybody have any adv
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