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  1. I have recently received bills for purchases on my Vodafone bill for £4.50 for Prizegrabber.co.uk - these are registered on my bill as 'purchases or donations to a charity' - of which I have not registered for. When you type into a Google search 'prizegrabber.co.uk' there is no such website. I have contacted Vodafone twice and they don't know what this fee is for, BUT have been assured today that their technical team have put a block on it??? (I have to ask myself how they can block something that they don't know what it is!!) Has anyone else received such fees and if so, please can you advi
  2. I have recently been very unwell and in hospital and was unable to cancel my upgraded Vodafone contract within the specified 14 days of renewal on the 12 January, 2015. I phoned Vodafone today to explain the situation and was shocked to find out that they have no process to deal with such situations and I am tied into an 18 month contract, despite the fact that I am unwell, can no longer work and quite frankly am unable to pay the tariff I am locked into. I asked for them to reduce the tariff and the only reply I could get was 'You are outside the 14 days of terms and conditions'. I asked if t
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